1000 Contests Were Won By A Man On Internet

An electric engineer of Motorola Solutions named, Hunter Scott has been able to win many gifts through Twitter. The gifts which he won include tickets of concert and movies, Godzilla shirt and hat, a mouse pad of Kentucky derby, YouTube profiles, numerous images modified related to gaming and a year of free subscription of Spotify.

Scott posted a blog about the gifts which he was able to get by a programming language known as Python. According to him there were some gifts which were just useless but also there were things which made him quite happy and he was enjoying the things happening to him like getting many strange things in the email. It was a great fun for him to find out new things in the email.

What did he actually do?

Python which is a programming language was the main source of becoming successful for Scott. With the help of this program, Scott made an instrument which assisted him in finding some particular kind of tweets for example “RT to win”. The function of that developed tool was then of retweeting the tweets. Sometimes, it is necessary that the person or the organization that has put an advertisement is to be followed as well so that you win the contest. Similarly, the robot which was made by him was performing that task as well.

Robots have been banned by the Twitter from social media which made it difficult for Scott as he had to do such activities by keeping them hidden from Twitter. Bans are also put on those accounts that have number of followers either less than 200 or above 2000.

This strict policy made Scott to program the robot according to that and it followed 2000 accounts accurately.

Scott shared the exact number of contest in which he participated through the program and what was the winning percentage of them. According to him, total contests were 165,000 in which he took part through his robot but he could win only 984 out of them that mean just 0.6 percent of them which he called a dejected percentage.

It was a duration of 9 months which made him win so many prizes but he did not take advantage of most of them did not go to any event or to watch any movie of which he won tickets except one event.

Concerts and movies were not the only things which turned down but he did not accept the most expensive gift included a limo and a chance for shopping of $4,000. The reason he gave was his home in Illinois that was why he was unable to go there to get the prizes and he did not have any intentions of paying the amount of taxes on those gifts.

Scott told that his most favorite prize was a cowboy hat which had the autographs of the Mexican soap opera stars.