3 Ways Effects Of Social Media Networks Have On Our Brains

Social Media changed the way people and companys communicate. Also, Social Media changed the way our brains function. Here are 3 ways Social Media affect our brain:

  •  Social Media can create an addiction like drugs and alcohol do

 Studies have shown that more than 10% of internet users are addicted to Social Media networks and can’t control the amount of time spent online.

Like drugs and alcohol, Social Media can affect certain parts of our brain, those responsible with attention, emotions .

Due to the fact that Social Media networks offer immediate rewards without too much effort, your brain begins to make you want this kind of stimuli. And, just like a drug addict or an alcoholic, you will want another dose or another drink to receive these stimuli again.

  • Social Media affects our concentration

 Maby you find those who frequently use Social Media and who can follow more than one platforms at the same time , better at multitasking. But recent studies have shown that those you use traditional media can focus better that those who use Social Media.

Multitasking between online platforms can reduce the brain’s capacity to filter information and can affect your memory as well.

  • Social Media makes you feel strage vibes

 Did you ever felt your phone vibrate and discover that your phone is actually not active?

People are so addicted to their smartphones that they feel their phones vibrate even when nothing is really happening.

A recent study has shown that more and more people have these feelings at least once a week.

You may find this strage but in the Social Media era, our brains are activated by strage stimuli.