30 Percent Break Ups Of Teens Over Social Media Or Text Messages

An attention has been paid towards finding out the way romances start digitally by the dating apps like Tinder. While a research of Pew Research Center indicates that these days most of the relationships come to an end through the phones of the teens rather than new relationships.

It has been found in the study that around 30 percent of the teenagers are ending their relationships over text messages.

One of the middle school boys was asked few questions over the text messages and according to him it is better to talk through text messages as he once said to her that she is getting very clingy and he is getting infuriated because of that. In response to that a book was thrown at him. Therefore he thinks that text messages are better.

These teens have to think that is it the right way to break up through texts or apps. The findings of research indicate that messages on the social media sites and the statuses to change the relationships online are rated least by the teenagers as the break up methods but still huge number of teens are using the similar way.

8 percent of the teens who have the ages between 13 and 17 years have found a dating partner from Facebook while the number of teens who got frustrated with the relationship experience and broke up through a private message using the social media is more. There 18 percent of such teens who have either broken up through private message or changed their status of relationship on Facebook.

According to more than fifty percent of the teen which are surveyed, social media is a platform for them where love and affection can be shown to the partners and they get emotional attachments with them. But some of these teenagers have admitted that people are also using this path for the retaliation and harassment.

It has also been acknowledged by few of them that they access the texts of their partners and do not take permission and impersonate them to send messages to other people during the relationship as well after that.

Many teens are driven by the excessive texting and have to do the things under pressure which they are not interested in doing. 15 percent of the teenagers have told that they remain under the pressure created by their former or current partner through texts or internet. They are also forced to get involved in the sexual activities.

The consequences of online spacing are mostly discomforting for the teen girls. It has been reported that 35 percent of the girls end up in blocking their partners who had been involved with them through social media while there are only 16 percent boys who consider this as a remedy for them.

It has become a big mess to have abreak up with your partner because earlier it was happened that such people had to prevent calling them or avoid their houses but now it is more than that. It becomes difficult for you when you find the photos and other messages that are popped on social media.