4 important reasons to subtitle your video

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Videos rely on both image and sound, but what do you do when the image becomes the focus? Think about viewers who are hard of hearing or who want to watch a video on the go, but don’t have headphones with them. Yet you want those viewers to watch your video too. You can achieve this by subtitling your video.

In this article we will elaborate on the 4 most important reasons to subtitle your video. Not sure how to add subtitles to your video automatically? The best way to do this is to use an online mp4 tot text converter. This saves you the time of transcribing your video manually.

Subtitles make your video more user-friendly

In addition to the deaf and hard of hearing, the demand for subtitles is increasing in general. People using their smartphone do not always have the option of using headphones. By adding subtitles, videos can be watched anytime and anywhere.

It has also been shown that even those people who do watch a video with sound often still turn on subtitles. This helps to better understand the content of the video. Research also shows that more viewers watch the entire video when it has subtitles.

Subtitles increase the accessibility of your video

Worldwide 466 million people are deaf or hard of hearing. For them the internet, and with it your videos, must be accessible. In order not to exclude anyone, it is important to take subtitling a step further and make it a transcription. This shows the spoken text, but also describes what else is happening in the video. For example, swelling music or a door slamming.

Subtitles make your videos easier to find

For people to watch your video, they first must be able to find it. This is usually done via a search engine. Right now, search engines find it difficult to “read” images. For video SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is important that you add metadata to your video. To improve the ranking of your video in the search results, it helps to add as much textual information as possible, such as subtitles and transcriptions.

The fact that more viewers watch the entire video is also positive for the landing page and therefore for your ranking in the search results. It means people stay on your page longer, which lowers your bounce rate and positively influences your ranking.

Subtitles increase your international reach

You see it on Netflix; international series are very successful. The secret? The subtitles are available in multiple languages. So, make sure your subtitles are available in the languages of all the language areas you want to reach. This way you will increase your international reach.

Subtitling a video: conclusion

Subtitling your video has other advantages besides clarity. Besides the convenience it offers to your viewers, it also contributes to increasing your (international) reach and improving your ranking in search results. And if you also use the right tools, it only takes a minute.