4 Myths About Bussines Social Media

These days, Social Media is very popular and there increasingly more myths about how to use social networks are scattered across the Internet.

Because this area is just starting to be unserstood, answers to questions regarding social networks are constantly changing and a list of most common myths about questions is very relevant.

1. Everyone is in Social Media

Many people is in Social Media but there are some people who still are not familiar with these networks.

2. Blogging is a waste of time

With so many options available online, why bother to blog? But this is not true. Blogging is very easy and if you share your posts you can connet them to social media.

3. You have to spend hours on Twitter

Thousands of tweets might create an interesting conversation between hundreds of people but it might not be worth the effort.

4. Social Media is just a distribution channel

Social Media seems a powerful and cheap tool but you must know that some of the messages you send get few views.