5.6 Million Government Fingerprints Have Been Stolen By The Hackers

An example of a huge theft has been seen recently in the records of federal personnel. It has been reported that 5.6 million fingerprints were stolen by the hackers it had on the file. The original estimate made by the company was 1.1 million fingerprints which means it is much higher than the estimate.

Such information related to the hacking of the records is very sensitive and shows risk to the spies and undercover law enforcement agents in the United States. A large database of the fingerprints of government employees of America has been exposed to the hackers now through which the correct identities of those employees can be identified.

Those who have access to such records can check that whether there is any diplomat at the U.S embassy is an employees with an Intelligence agency of America secretly.

James Clapper who is the U.S Intelligence Director, says that the situation is really alarming for them and in the lists of suspects, China is believed to at the top.

China is a major trade partner with United States and both of these countries have a strong military force. USA is making its influence over Southeastern Asian region economically and politically. Now it has been making its impact in South America, Africa and the Pacific as well.

According to the personnel agency, a meeting is going to be set between the experts who belong to the spy agencies, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and U.S. military and the purpose of this meeting is to find out the probable ways in which the hacked data can be misused by the thieves in the future.

One of the former officers of CIA said that the worrying thing for him is that the Chinese government has his secret information in its hands which had been hidden in the past. The main concern 5.6 million people are having is that the fingerprints cannot be the source on which anyone can rely now as a security mechanism.

According to the Office of Personnel Management, it is very less probable that the fingerprints can be misused to a great extent as it is going to change with the time when the technology will evolve.

There were 21.5 million people on which the data regarding federal personnel has been stolen by the hackers. People whose data was stolen include contractors and federal employees and also some had their family and friends as well. Social security number was the part of it.

But according to the experts from cybersecurity, the theft of fingerprints can create a worse scenario and if the spies from foreign government are involved in this hacking, then there is no doubt that the information is going to reach the black market for identity thieves. The objective of this hacking thing was that the spying can be done in a better way on Americans and they shall be blackmailed about their identities.