50 Cent Questions FlodyMayweather’s Literacy, And The Boxer Responds

Even the most uninterested sport follower has probably heard of Floyd Mayweather’s life of extravaganza thanks mainly to his unmatched boxing success. He already owns numerous mansions, dozens of luxury and expensive cars, his own personal airplane and hoards of people ready to carry out his simplest request. He was even visited by Warren Buffet himself, whose worth more than $66 billion (and yes, he makes Mayweather look poor in comparison), and you can be sure that Mr. Buffet doesn’t make a regular habit of stopping by sweaty boxer’s rings to see how they’re doing.

Despite having a surprisingly good life with more money than he can imagine, his life is not without its problems. Case of point: one of his ex-friends recently came out questioning his literacy! Renowned rapper Curtis Jackson, otherwise known as 50 Cent, really pushed Mayweather’s buttons by appearing in a video earlier this week for the ice bucket challenge but instead of pouring ice water on himself, he said he’d donate $750,000 to ALS if Mayweather proved that he could read in 24 hours. Ouch!

Instead of sinking that low, Mayweather tried to get back at 50 Cent in another way by reminding everyone of his charitable organization that has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to various organizations without any media attention (or getting any “credit”). Mayweather then suggested that 50 Cent should donate that $750k to the Mike Brown family, assuring his fans there are no hard feelings between the pair.

50 Cent has been on a sort of rampage when it comes to creating conflicts with other celebrities, and this dig at Mayweather’s literacy is just another in a string of provocations for media attention and to keep his name in the news. But others in the biz couldn’t help piling on. A New York radio station broadcasted what was allegedly a recording of Mayweather struggling to read, were other sports talk hosts all over the country also laughed about his obvious difficulties to read.

However, this is a serious issue and one that people should certainly not be laughing about. Illiteracy is a serious problem and people who may be suffering from the same will definitely not appreciate being mocked in this way. It makes it even harder for illiterate people to reach out for help.

CEO of Mayweather enterprises, Ellerbe, made a statement saying that Floyd has no intention whatsoever to respond to these allegations since talking about it any further will only fuel the fire and he has nothing to defend because it’s not true.

Illiteracy among African-American people is a serious problem in the United States and not one to be laughed about. While the White House reports that literacy has improved between 1992 and 2003, it is still at a far too high rate. While Mayweather’s history is known to all, his survival at the age of 16 and is to many a type of national hero, the kind of person people of poverty aspire to become. Despite being fabulously wealthy, we happen to agree with the sentiment of him being a type of hero and whether or not allegations of his illiteracy are true or not, it should certainly not make him the laughing stock of the town. In the end, Mayweather will have the last laugh: he’s used his sorry past to fuel his success—not everyone can accomplish what he has.