58% Family Adults Are Having Facebook Accounts!

In America Facebook is the top most social site. Almost 50 percent of overall population is having an account on Facebook; they came to know this from a survey. They observed the people that are adults and are regular internet users. The percentage was almost 81% of the Americans. Facebook using number of people is almost three quarters of the online adults. They survey was done at pew research center.

According to a professor of information science in the university who was studying the website of social media gave her comment that the Facebook has become one stop shop for the people.

When you are waiting in a line of a store and have a look on people, what they are doing then you will see that most of them are surfing on Facebook. This was a comment from a person Ellison who was helping in the Pew survey.

Facebook is just like a daily practice work for the people. It is a forum of social networking.

The percentage of the people who are regular users of Facebook is not increased since last 2 years but the time which they spend is increasing. Almost 70% are the people who use Facebook daily and almost 45% people check Facebook many time in a day which increased from the people who use to visit daily.

The latest discovery of the Facebook is the old people who are regular users of Facebook and their percentage is almost 65 percent. This percentage shows almost the third of all the seniors in the country.

They use Facebook because their children make them excited to do so. Their kids keep on asking from them if they saw the status or pictures posted by their children.

Once they are on Facebook they can easily find their old friends, class mates and colleagues. This also gives them the benefit of overcoming their loneliness and to develop social life of their own.

The survey gave the result in form of percentages like almost 52% of the older people use two or more social networking sites. This percentage was 42% last year. Almost 10% more people started using social websites since last year.

The platform of photo sharing Instagram is also used by the young generation. Almost 53 percent people from the ages 18 to 28 are having accounts on Instagram. Almost 49 percent people use Instagram on daily.

Almost half of the people who are users of internet use LinkedIn that is business related group of social networking. In all of the people using internet, 28 percent people will be having this account.

The survey was taken last year by a research center. They took interview of almost 2003 people that are internet users and are having accounts on the social networking sites.

According to the result of the survey almost 41% are the women who are using internet and online sites, whereas 13% of men are using online sites and having accounts on the social networking sites. This is the way for them to be stay up to date and they can easily get rid of loneliness. The number of people who are using Facebook is increased from the last year and more people are taking interest in social networking.