6 Worrying Things For Tim Cook

Tim Cook after the announcement of the new iPhone 6S is worried about few things. Regarding the core products of Apple, there are some important questions;

  1. How much longer growth in the demand for iPhones can be?

The new features which are added in the iPhone 6S of the Force Touch and camera with the better performance are considered to be adequate that would help the momentum keep going. Whenever the predictions are made regarding the growth of the iPhone to be ended, they always prove wrong. But now the constant growth can come to an end as Apple has made an entry in every smartphone market and the overall growth of the market has gone down.

  1. Will Apple TV be more than a hobby?

As it is a niche product and there are only 6 percent Americans who are using the Apple TV and 13 percent are those who show interest in that. Also the price is higher as competitors lie Google and Amazon have cheaper products. Newer version of Apple TV has been announced with some better functions so that the product may become a compelling one.

  1. Can iPad Pro bring change in the sales of tablet?

A downfall have been observed in the sales of the iPad for the last 6 quarters and now a new device has made that fits between Mac and iPad to make it a gadget that would attract Apple fans. This would be interesting for the specific target market that professionals.

  1. Is Apple going to become the next big thing?

3 million Apple watches were sold in the previous quarter. Cook has asked the folks that they should not give any prediction unless the season of holiday comes. Success of the company was in the more sales of watches as compared to the iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Question on the usefulness of the products had been raised as well and unlike the other iGadgets, the enough attention could not be gained by Apple watches.

  1. Can Macs ever go Mainstream?

Sales of Macintosh are increasing but still the sluggishness of the PC sales is due to the trend of customers going for the new Windows 10. Microsoft is hopeful that there will be 1 billion PCs in which this new Windows is going to be installed.

  1. Will iTunes sales be made up by Apple Music?

People prefer more to listen to live streaming rather than downloading the songs due to which Beats Music App for streaming has been introduced by Apple. Unfortunately, the result is not too good as very less customers are using the Music App than the expectations. This app has been used by 52 percent customers after subscription for the trial period.