A Heads-Up-Display For Your Car That Actually Looks Pretty Awesome

If you’ve been following technology for the past few years, then you know that technology for automobiles has been lacking for quite some time. Sure, we’ve seen dashboards with touchscreens and their own user-interfaces, but they’re generally clunky, difficult to navigate and simply not enjoyable to use. With the introduction of things, such as Apple’s Car Play and Google’s Android Auto, technology in the car is looking to be a bigger focus for tech companies now. One startup that is also looking to bring awesome, high-end tech to the automobile is a company called Navdy. Navdy has been crafting a pretty awesome looking heads-up-display device for your car, and after watching the announcement video for the thing, it looks like one of the coolest implementations of automobile technology we’ve seen yet.

So, just what is Navdy? Navdy is a compact, little contraption that you place right on the top of your dashboard. The device projects a transparent heads-up-display in front of you, and although it’s placed right in your car, it is designed to look like it’s two meters away from you to ensure that you’re keeping your eyes on the road while using in. That brings up another point: Just how do you use Navy? Thanks to a series of sensors on the front of the device, you can navigate through Navdy’s sexy and simple UI with simple hand gestures and voice commands.

The Navdy connects to your phone via Bluetooth (either iOS or Android at this point in time) and can display a wide range of notifications, ranging from your current speed, how much gas you’ve got left in your car, if you need to get your engine serviced, incoming calls or texts, Twitter notifications, music playback info and so much more. The list is virtually endless, thanks to the tight integration with applications that are already installed on your phone. The best part about this whole Navdy thing though, is that it’s aftermarket. This means that no matter what kind of car you have, you can put this on your dashboard, connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth connection and be ready to go.

While Navdy sounds like the way of the future, we won’t actually know how it performs in real world use for quite a while. On their website right now, the Navdy is currently set to ship out in early 2015. If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon right now, you can place a preorder for the device for $299. If you’re a bit hesitant and want to see what other people say once it finally does come out, you’re going to have to shell out $499. That’s a bit high for a car accessory, but if the Navdy performs as great as it’s looking right now, that could be money well spent. As with any startup company, you’ll be taking somewhat of a chance if you decide to purchase this. However, the company behind Navdy looks like they know what they’re doing. With Android Auto and Apple’s Car Play releasing around the same time, it’ll be interesting to see how this young startup stacks up to the two biggest players in the automobile technology market. That market isn’t too crowded right now, so if the Navdy turns out to be a solid piece of technology, they could gain a really strong upper-hand.