A Wishlist Of Some Of The Most Wanted Features In Microsoft’s Windows 9

When Windows 8 first hit the market back in October 2012, it wasn’t met with the warmest of welcomes. The completely new Metro UI was entirely separate from the traditional desktop area that had been present since the early days of Windows, bugs and glitches were scattered everywhere and there was absolutely nothing uniform or seamless throughout the operating system. With that said, Microsoft has been constantly improving on the OS since its initial release, and with where Windows 8.1 stands right now, Microsoft’s much talked about operating system actually isn’t half bad. However, there is no denying that many of us have been daydreaming about what Microsoft will bring in Windows 9. Windows 9 hasn’t been given an official release date as of yet. We’ve heard rumors of a release sometime in spring of 2015, but nothing is for certain. That doesn’t stop people from dreaming about what will be featured in the new updated though. Here are some of the most wanted features in the newest update to the Windows platform.

More Unity Between The Desktop And Modern UI

One of the biggest complaints when Window 8 first launched the harsh distinction between the traditional desktop and fresh, new Modern UI. While Microsoft has made some improvements to this with Windows 8.1, a deeper integration between the two would be an extremely welcome addition to the platform. A full Start menu with elements of the Modern UI placed in it would be fantastic, as well as being able to have multiple windows of Metro apps open at once on the desktop. We saw the ability to open Metro apps in the desktop with the Windows 8.1 update, but even more functionality with that would be more than welcome in the Windows 9 update.

Bring Cortana To The Big Screen

The Windows Phone 8.1 update brought some much needed features to Microsoft’s mobile platform. One of the biggest features included in the update is easily Cortana. Cortana is Microsoft’s own virtual assistant to combat the likes of Siri and Google Now, and would be absolutely fantastic to have the functionality of a full-fledged voice assistant on desktops and laptops. We’ve seen some slight integration with Google Now into the Chrome Web Browser, but it is incredibly lacking when compared to its smartphone counterpart. Cortana on Windows 9 could really give Microsoft an incredible leap ahead and win over many potential customers.

More Integration With Other Microsoft Services

Microsoft doesn’t just do Windows anymore. They also have a lot of attention focused on Windows Phone and Xbox. With Windows 9, Microsoft really needs to focus on bringing in tighter integration with all of its services. If Microsoft adds the ability to manage certain aspects of its different platforms, it could be a very compelling move for more people to migrate over to the expanding Microsoft ecosystem.

Hardly anything is official about Microsoft’s update to the Windows platform yet. Only time will tell what the Redmond-based company actually implements into the update, but here’s to hoping they actually listen to their fans a bit when deciding what features to implement and omit.