Access NetSpend Activate Process Online

You can get your prepaid MasterCard or Visa Card from NetSpend that is issued by Inter National Bank, Meta Bank and Bancorp Bank. To apply for the prepaid debit card, there is no such requirement like any commitment, credit check or the minimum balance which are required by the bank accounts.

What benefit can be availed from the debit card?

The debit card can be used at numerous places where you are interested to purchase anything. You can also use your card for the online purchases while the uploading of the money in the card is not very difficult as it can be done by visiting any local ATM.

After getting your debit card of Netspend, you will have to activate through the website of the NetSpend. The activation process is simple and less time consuming. The amount can be uploaded in the card very easily and you will be able to make your purchases at any place where people accept MasterCard or Visa Card.

The Process of Activation of the Card

  • To activate your debit card, the first things you will need is a computer system that should have an access to the internet. In case you do not have a computer, you can use the smartphone or a tab as well. NetSpend prepaid debit card must be in your hand.
  • Begin the process by opening your web browser and type the website of the NetSpend which is . When the link is opened, you can find the “Activate Card” button at your upper right corner.
  • Then you will be asked to provide the card number which is of 16 or 20 digits and your CVV number of 3 digits in the respective boxes. You can find both of these numbers at your debit card. After entering them, click on “Continue”.
  • Further steps should followed which are the part of the activation process. When the activation process is finished, you will be able to use your debit card to make purchases.