Accounts Of The Shooter Has Been Suspended

Two journalists of Virginia died who were filmed at the time of death by a person who had the accounts on both Facebook and Twitter with the name of Bryce Williams. Someone was shooting Adam Ward who is the photographer and Allison Parker, the reporter during which he had made the videos.

One video was posted on Facebook and two on Twitter. One of the videos on Twitter was displaying that somebody walked to Ward and Parker and then pointed a gun towards them and then in the next video firing from the gun was shown.

He also tweeted that he had filmed the shooting. Within a very short time, profiles pages of the user were suspended by both Facebook and Twitter. But the suspension was not too early as those videos were played at their own on both of the website of social media for every person who opened his account or original post was retweeted.

Twitter account of Bryce was taken down after 8 minutes of the posting of the video. While Facebook does not any exact time within which the profile was removed but it says that as as the video was highlighted, it took down his personal profile. Facebook has made the policy according to which if someone has committed a crime, he cannot celebrate that here and it was the violation of that policy done by that man.

Bryce Williams was a reporter at WDBJ, for which Parker and Ward were also working. The real name of Williams was Vester L. Flanagan and he was fired from the company the reason of which is still not disclosed.

When officer came to caught Flanagan, he shot himself in front of them and died after some time.