Addition Of $1 Billion By Bing To The Revenue Of Microsoft

Microsoft Bing that is always considered to be the underdog among the list of online search engines has now finally shown the performance level that is appreciative. It has reached the profitable stage that has been seen in the first fiscal quarter of the year 2016. The revenue of Microsoft had the contribution of over $1 billion from the search engine during this quarter.

It was 2011 when Bing proved to be a blessing for Microsoft but since than four years have passed and it had not given any profits to the company. It was a mystified matter in the eye of the people as no one knew that what Microsoft had been looking into the portion of the business which in which the investment has shown itself to be a dead one. But now some results have been shown and the revenue of the tech giant has grown by 29 percent due to the search engine.

Microsoft Bing has finally come up with a success because of its subtle existence that has attributed to this profitable situation of the search engine. There are very few persons who actively log on to the Bing yet it is present everywhere.

There is no doubt that the search engine is pushed by the products of Microsoft. On the Windows phones, search is done through Bing virtually supported by Cortana and Internet Edge. Besides that Windows 10 was another reason of the boosting revenues from the Bing because it got more appreciation than any other previous version it had.

If the searches on Yahoo are considered, then we would come to know that more than 50 percent of its searches are powered by Microsoft Bing. Moreover since last two years, Bing is also being used by Apple for its Siri as well as spotlight on its MacBook.

In a search, Market share is very important. With it, you are flocked by the advertisers and higher rates can be charged for the ads by you. But in its absence, searching becomes an expensive business.

Bing has been able to cross the market share of 20 percent first time and now the current holding of the share by the search engine is 20.7 percent. However, it holds the share far less than the market share of Google which is 63.9 percent but it is above the third in the list Yahoo with the share of 8.1 percent.

The overall revenue of Microsoft for this quarter was $20.4 billion which is expected to increase if its search engine gives the similar or better result in the future.