Additional Dragon Quest Games Headed To Mobile Soon

According to Yuu Miyake, executive producer Dragon Quest, the Dragon Quest series will keep heading to mobile with the original game’s release in September. This announcement was made today by Yuu along with Noriyoshi Fujimoto, mobile producer Dragon Quest at PayPrimein the course of a translated interview.

“We are getting ready to release the first Dragon Quest come first part of September. It’s also our intention to release [Dragon Quest] 2 & 3 in a period of two-three months, in order. Afterwards, we will debut subsequent numbered Quest Dragon games in same order”

The Dragon Warrior in the United States, which is the initial Dragon Quest game is coming in a ‘revamped version.’ Journey of the Cursed King which is Dragon Quest 8 got to iOS in May, while Chapters of the Chosen which is Dragon Quest 4 debuted at the beginning of this month.

Yuu said that Square Enix started with Dragon Quest 8 because of its extreme complication when it came to deploying it to mobile devices. “A lot of testing was carried out by the team in the bid to unravel the best possible method to implement its interface and to work out ways to handle controls initially played on a console.

However, The Warriors of Eden, Dragon Quest 7 will also cause difficulty in terms of its porting due to huge amount of text involved. According to Yuu, the mobile games are targeted at individuals who are yet to play Dragon Quest and prefer playing games more casually. They are also targeted at nostalgic players.

Yuu continued, “it has always been our intention to make Dragon Quest available on the most widely sought-after console or gaming machine obtainable per time. When you take a look at the present day’s gaming scape, you will discover that a good number of people game on a mobile platform. For this reason, we deemed it necessary to make Dragon Quest available on the most popular platform or method of playing games in recent times.”

So, all game lovers, especially those who are fanatical about playing on mobile devices and platform should be on the lookout as additional Dragon Quest Games make their way into mobile devices. And, the developers promise a worthwhile and exhilarating experience while playing Dragon Quest games on mobile devices with the original version’s release come September. Get your mobile device ready for hot gaming actions with the Dragon Quest mobile-friendly games.