What you think will be the next perfection level of Apple after the quarter of year? Almost 76 million iPhones were sold by it which was quite ahead from the estimation level in the last 3 months of the previous year 2014. It reported the record profit of almost 18 billion that was beyond limit.

Now in 2015 the new creation is going to be the watch of Apple that will come in April along with the new model of iPhone and iPad that will come in front of the public at the end of this year. In terms of invention, this year is going to be great in terms of inventions according to an analyst Gene Munster.

The good sign is that the shares of apple were up to 6% after the trading which makes the amount of 115.31 dollars.

The iPhone 6 that was on sale in the month of September passed the confirmation that almost 100 million were sold in the first few months as it is said to be the model on toplist of selling. For the current quarter year the analysts are having the expectations that almost 60 million more iPhone will be sold. It will make the ratio of almost 70 million iPhone being sold since the year 2007.

But the fact is that almost whole of the market is going on top with Google’s Android which cannot be replaced according to the analyst Tuong Nguyen.

He stated that almost 67% of the marketing shares are covered by android devices which cannot be replaced. Out of this percentage 10% are apple devices and 3.3% are other window phones.

There are chances of increase in the shares of Android and the shares of Apple will come down from that level he said due to the Android devices under 50 dollars and many Smartphones that are available in different countries like China. Apple comes from the high side of category but its use is getting low with time.

The sale of the Apple iPad is quite low and the iPod is also in the same line but the sales of Machintosh systems are increasing. Almost 69% profit comes from the iPhones and its value is continuously increasing.

This new Apple watch does not seems to be like the iPhone and the executives of apple said that they will not open the initial sales of the watch when the watch will come in front of the public.

Since the CEO of the Apple Company took over whose name is Tim Cook took over, the company is earning double in the stock exchange market. At first the people were in doubt if he is capable of filling the place of Steve Job.

But he did his best to prove his job making the release of Smartphones, making them work and provide the people with all of the technology. He was quite successful in this matter.