After The Sony Attack, Hacking Threats Warning By Fbi! There May Be Some More Coming Up The Way

As the immense attack on Sony which was done last week is still being discussed by the people, FBI has warned the people related to businesses that a new hacking threat is expected to come in businesses in future – FBI official.

The FIA has taken notice of this new threat in businesses and they are warning all the businesses to have a look on their security system to save themselves from suck kind of threats that we have seen and is still under discussion about Sony pictures.

The systems of Sony were affected by a dangerous software which was a kind of threat and that was the reason to concern about the security measures of all other businesses as well and take precautionary measures to avoid it.

According to an official notification “the threat was considered to be the same as one which was seen in Sony Pictures last week and which was the cause of dangerous software, and the recent threat is similar to the one which is caused by this harmful software.”

The FBI informed that the private industries were getting warnings and advises regularly about many cyber threats which were found during the investigation of FBI.

That means that the companies were getting continuous warnings and advices from FBI that there might be a chance of a cyber attack. And finally, it was Sony Pictures, who became the victim of the cyber threat.

There were few movies which were not released yet made their way online on illicit websites which were not authorized to host, it was done last week and the hackers did this by that harmful software and same kind of threat is expected in the businesses by the hackers-FBI officials.