Afterlight:The Best Camera And Image Editing App

We see many image editing applications and photo camera applications for mobiles at Digital stores like Apple, Microsoft and Google. There are many interesting apps available and all of them are designed in a unique fashion to offer their users attractive feel and functionality.

The Afterlight is one of them and it is the highly appreciated among all because of its attractive design and easy to use user interface. This application is the App of the Week and you can find it on the Windows phone and Android platform as well to get it installed.

You can capture images and you can also edit images by this interesting application. It is very simple to use and it has a flash control and timer that can be set to different seconds delays. So, this application is just a perfect replacement for your phone’s built-in camera app to have a little more control over it.

The users have been provided some special options and many new filters to capture the pictures the way you dream. So, there are many extra features and filters that you will get by installing this application on your mobile phone.

There is a classic set of operations like adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness and exposure manually and there is also an automatic adjustment mode available that would be useful in many situations where the manual mode is not producing the desired results. You can find many filters, adjustment options and the virtual frames to give your photos a great look.

So, this application is just the right application for the camera and photo editing lovers. You can install it from the digital stores like Google, Windows or Apple right now. So, this is the App of the Week and you can download and enjoy this interesting App right now.