Amazon And Google Are Big Competitors

What does the future hold thanks to Amazon and Google constantly competing with each other? A lot. Imagine a farmer in the rural part of the Western Sahara, miles away from civilization, no cellular reception, out of gas, in need of help, what does he do? He could use Google’s future Project Loon to access wifi wherever he is, contact a Project Wing drone and order a canister of gas that gets delivered via Amazon Drone within 30minutes, all the while streaming his adventure via Twitch to millions of people across the globe. Now the likelihood of this being a plausible and realistic situation is slim, but that’s what we get from Amazon and Google recently working on very similar projects, seamlessly mimicking one another’s business ventures.

First there was Amazon which acquired Twitch, the largest online game streaming website in the world which boasts a global audience of over 80million daily and is rapidly growing. A $970 million acquisition for Amazon that was timed just months behind Google’s failed attempt at buying the game streaming giant Twitch. That’s 1 Amazon, 0 Google. Then Amazon raised the stakes even higher by announcing it will delve into advertising and in the near future remove Google ads from its platform to replace them with its own, that’s 2 Amazon…0 Google.

So how does Google respond? Well, we all heard about Amazon’s shocking announcement that it planned on developing a Done capable of 30minute home deliveries upon purchasing something from Amazon. Google fired back by actually delivering dog food via Google Drones to a farm in Australia making its announcement that Google Wings was underway. Google Wings, a project that Google claims its Google X department has been developing since 2002, is in the actual testing phase, and by the time they wrestle the FFA to amend some commercial drone usage laws, Google Wings would be ready to take to the skies. Amazon 2, Google on the map with 1. Google X of course being the department developing incredible gadgets like Google Glasses and unmanned Google Vehicles and such. Not to mention the Moonshot projects Google X undertakes such as sending balloons into the stratosphere in order to provide rural areas with wifi. But that wasn’t all…Google also hinted at a possible unique online store launching to back up its Drone deliveries, giving Amazon a potential run for its money. Amazon 2, Google 2.

So the question is, why is Amazon, a company that plans on delivering products purchased from its online stores via drone to your home delving into the realm of video games and online advertisement? And why is Google, a search engine and company that still makes most of its profit through advertisements online, diving into the drone delivery industry and building massive online shopping malls? The most likely answer isn’t that these two companies are mimicking each other or trying to appear to be the same, it’s just simply about the money. That’s where the money is right now and so that’s where these global tech giants are investing.