Amazon And Google May Have Huge Cloud Services, But Microsoft Is Quickly Catching Up To The Duo

Cloud storage systems are quite popular nowadays. The ability to store documents, pictures, music and more on the cloud vs. local storage is an incredibly useful feature, and is a market that is currently being dominated by the likes of Amazon and Google. Both of these companies have cloud storage systems and both are arguably the most popular ones currently on the market. However, Microsoft is another company that offers a cloud storage service. Yes, Microsoft is still very relevant when it comes to the cloud. Although the company may not be your first choice that comes to mind when think of cloud storage solutions, a new study done by Pacific Crest Securities has found that Microsoft is quickly catching up to both Amazon and Google in the cloud storage competition.

Just how was this data found? Pacific Crest Securities questioned a group of CIOs and asked them which of services they planned on spending the most funds on in the coming year. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure services ranked higher than Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. It was also found that Microsoft’s cloud services are the second most prefered when it comes to cloud services for both public and private users alike. Pacific Crest wanted to make sure they had accurate data, so they interviewed/questioned 152 companies’ CIOs that employed over 1,000 people.

This isn’t the first report we’ve heard of Microsoft’s cloud services being on the rise. Microsoft’s own CEO Satya Nadella recently came out and said that the company’s cloud services and features were looking to bring in over $4.4 billion in revenue to the company. Although it’s still a bit behind IBM’s reported $7 billion, that’s still quite impressive for the company, as they haven’t had cloud services around for that long compared to their competitors. It’s also been found that Office 365, Microsoft’s most popular Office product to date, could generate up to $3 billion in total net income as it is quickly being adopted by more and more enterprise users. Office 365 is still being utilized as a subscription-based model, and that has seemed to be doing wonders for the company so far.

If things continue to head in this same direction for Microsoft throughout the year of 2015, it is very well possible that we could see it surpass Amazon or even Google when it comes to cloud services. While Amazon and Google are still currently in the lead when it comes to yearly revenue, that is bound to change if Microsoft continues to lead in the success it has been seeing as of recently. As Office 365 subscriptions continue to increase and more people migrate over to Microsoft’s cloud system, things continue to look good for the company. With Windows 9 set to release sometime in the spring of 2015, that could also add to the overall success of the service as well.