Amazon Has Taken The Products Of Apple And Google Off The Shelves

The new strategy made by Amazon is that it is going to remove the streaming devices, Google Chromecast and Apple TV from the online sources where it has been selling them. The objective of the company is to persuade the customers to purchase the streaming media products that are made by the company itself rather the products of competitors. The new lists of the products are also going to be banned.

A Chromecast can be used to watch the Prime Videos but through your PC or phone, you will cast your screen and it is not considered to be an appreciative experience. Although the sales of the products for the media streaming which are in competition with the Fire Stick and Fire TV. These competitive devices include Roku, PlayStation made by Sony and Xbox of Microsoft. Through all of these devices, customers may have access to the streaming of Prime videos. Moreover, the devices are called as excellent choices by the Amazon.

According to the statement, three years have been passed and Prime Video is believed to be an integral part of Prime. The interaction of the streaming media players which are sold by the company with Prime Video in a satisfactory way is of great significance so that the confusion of the customers can be removed. The new strategy made by Amazon is aggressive as well as shape and it seems that the company has used the formula of banning those products which cannot be beaten by it.

Amazon and its competitors Google and Apple are involved in investing huge amounts of capital in the streaming media. The ads and content of the Google are being sold at YouTube while Apple has its iTunes and Apple Music.

On the other hand, Amazon has been running its own production wing and it has also won an Emmy because one of its shows was commended a lot named “Transparent”.

Now coming back to the tactic that has been used by Amazon against its competitors, the company will be able to cut off a platform that is accessed by large number of people who want to purchase the products of Apple and Google as these products are no longer going to be available through this source. Now it can be hoped by the company that the competitors’ products are going to be hurt through this step.

Competitor, Google was asked about the new plan of Amazon on which it denied to give any comment.