An American Company Offers $10/month For Personal Information From Social Networks

An American company called DataCoup offers $10 per month to all those willing to allow their activities on the internet to be monitored. Each Like on Facebook, every search on Google and every message on Twitter will also be sent to DataCoup’s data base. After collecting this information, the company plans to sell them. DataCoup actually does what Facebook and Google don’t. The company pays its users for their personal valuable information that they have so far put at the disposal of internet giants for free. No user has received anything in return until now.

When you socialize or you are looking for information on the internet you help those from Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter to earn money. All these companys will monitor your activity and, depending on your preferences, they will determine what adds to show you. Thus, advertising is much better targeted. DataCoup promises to help users to assert personal data which they already leave willingly on the internet.

Those who will accept to be monitored by an application produced by DataCoup will be paid up to $10 per month. The application can connect to all the accounts an internet user has: from Facebook and Twitter accounts to internet banking accounts. The application follows all the activity: posts, Likes, searches and transferred files.

Users can choose the amount of information they will give to DataCoup. However, the less information you give, the less money you receive. $10 per month is actually a maximum amount and only those who will accept the overall monitoring will receive it.

Just like Facebook, Google or Twitter, DataCoup will use all the data collected for commercial purposes. They will five all the information to those who develop market studies. While Facebook and Google are just monitors of their own users, DataCoup will collect information from all users of all social networks and online services. The down side is that at the beginning, DataCoup will only monitor about 10000 users.

The company hopes to expand this system in the near future but we’ll have to wait and see if DataCoup’s business plan is good or not. They will make users realize that their online activity is very valuable.