Android Phones Facing The Biggest Flaw

A flaw has been discovered in the android phones, smartphones are not safe even if you are receiving a picture through text message. The entire world’s stats show that 95 percent of the android phones are affected by this flaw, almost 950 million phones. Zimperium which is a cybersecurity company having specialization in the mobile phone devices. The problem arises because the processing of incoming media files like pictures, audio and video starts spontaneously. This signifies that when the file is just received by the phone, it creates effects on it.

A similar kind of case was seen in the Apple phones recently when the phones got hacked by the text message and the consequence was the phones were hanged and even it caused them to get restart but here the case for the android phones is different, the scenario is worse as the phones attacked by the hackers are completely in their hold and the data in the phone is removed, they can easily have an access to the apps in the phone and it also secretly opens the camera.

Google admitted that this has been a mistake on the part of the company and after giving the users a surety that they would not face severe effects due to the attacks of hackers on their phones and the hackers would not be able to get complete access to their phones but still hackers got succeeded in getting the access and proved the company wrong.

According to Zimperium, this flaw can affect android software that has been made in the past five years. A whistle was blown to google on 9th April and according to reports, Google reacted quickly on 10th April by sharing the information to their customers in the upcoming years.

There is a remedy period of 90 days available to tech companies in these situations to fix the flaw even google follows this rule. Reason behind Zimperium going public is that it has been 109 days and no fixture has been done regarding this issue.

The question in the mind is that how google and apple will deal with this problem. Though apple can send updates to all its devices, Google may face difficulty in doingso.

A major resistance to fix this problem is the role of phone carriers like Verizon , AT&T etc. they slow down the process of any bug release or fixtures and the end user of Google suffers. Smartphone makers and Phone carriers have to collaborate together to resolve software updates.

To push the issue to its end users, Google send an updates to its partners and placed their Nexus devices upfront in line to get latest updates.

A person from cybersecurity firm Veracode said that bugs like these can have a plundering effect that puts hundreds of thousands of computer networks at serious risks.

The concern now is how Google would find a way to update devices remotely. Devices are at risk of getting harm unless they solve this problem.