Anyone Could Be A Musician By The Imogen Heap’s Sci-Fi!

Story highlights:

The Grammy award winner, whose name is Imogen heaps is well known for his fusion of music and technology.

Gloves that are used in are motions tracking sensors and electronics to create sounds. These gloves help in creating the sounds that are hidden deep inside the computer.

With just the movement of her wrist the drum starts beating. The familiar beat of the drum spreads in the studio. But this performance is musical with many turns.

For a start, the “studio” is actually a changed barn deep near the side of the country. The female is playing the “instrument” and her name is Grammy Award-winning musician Imogen Heap. And the drum that she is beating is not in real.

The founder of all the technology that is wearable and the music, Heap is a totally unique octave. She calls them her Mi. Mu gloves. The gloves, that gives the ability creation of entirely new musical composition.

Heap said that she wanted to create something that is directed from the brain and quick to start merely with the hand gesture.

During the visit to media lad, Heap came to know about Elly Jessop who is an engineer and creating her own musical gloves. Heap got many ideas at that time and soon she made her team of music directors, makers, technologists and many more who gave many ideas to her that were helpful in her project.

Five fast years and now a thing that was dreamt by her was changing into reality. Famous for her collection of acoustic sounds, electronics and the technology, she hopes that the gloves will be helpful and give more excitement to fans of her music.

Each glove is having many sensors, buzzers and many buttons that all gives much information back to the system wirelessly by software. It then translates each movement and produces different kinds of sounds.

The engineer of Mi. Mu gloves, whose name is Kelly Snook said that it is having sensors in the fingers that sense the movement and the bending of the fingers, including the thumb as well. Some sensors of the motions like accelerometers, magnetometers etc sense all this. She is the one who is working on these gloves since the time when its concept was introduced to them many years ago.

There is always a relation between both of them but now heap thinks that with these gloves the performance on stage is going to be the best one.

Movement is the main point for her as she is having a body and in that body she is having a mind and in that mind she is having the music, means that there is a sequence in each point.

The gloves are creating excitement among the people and the music makers are quite enthusiastic to get their hands on these gloves. At first the project was a kick start but now later the hackers and the engineers took part in the funding and took genuine interest in it. They work with team by providing them the required information and the feedback from using their own pair of gloves.

Heap said that these pair of gloves has changed the way I use to make music and now I know it will make further progress in the world.