Apologies From The Ceo Of Spotify For New Confusing Policy

Apology from the CEO of Spotify has come due to the changed policy of the company. The policy was announced to be made for the privacy of the user but the result was not the same.

With that new policy, your location would be tracked by Spotify, your snaps were gathered and skimming of your contacts is done. Software let the advertisers to see your information from the posts at your Facebook which can be viewed by Spotify.

CEO of the company has apologized that the users are getting confused with the new policy and having doubts about the information we can have and what is its use for us but the explanation of everything can be given as the company has a big name in the music service with subscribers over 75 million so they cannot mishandle any information of their users.

Spotify cleared that the access of the data the company has, is for the betterment of the companyand its services to improve them for the subscribers. This would help the company to make enhanced products for the users in future.

Spotify introduced some new features, Spotify Running is one of them in which measurement by using GPS is done regarding the speed of your running. The app works by matching songs’ per minute beats with the speed you are running.

Another feature of Spotify, getting popular among the users is “Discover Weekly” in which a playlist is made for the users for a week according to their tastes. The information sollected by the software is used to know about the music you will prefer to listen.

Ek said that if user do not want to share their information, they will not be forced to do that, they will be asked first, if they allow it, the processing of the information will be done which is only for the particular purpose otherwise it would not be used. The objections of the subscribers have been listened by the company and the updates of the policy will come very soon which would remove all the doubts people are having.

According to the new policy, the information about the location, photos, contacts or other media related files can be collected only when customers give permission. The information collected is dependent on the GPS or sensor data like you movements, walking or running etc.

You are asked by Spotify when you open the Facebook that the information regarding the posts you make on your Facebook which would include the username, you country, profile picture, date of birth, e-mail ID, gender or information about your friends, their names and profile pictures.

According to Ek, although the information is given to the third person i-e the advertisers but for them, you are just an anonymous individual. Also, if you are reluctant in sharing some specific information, you can easily change the settings and disallow them.