Apple Could Not Maintain Its Position In China And Moved To 3rd Place

When the iPhone 6 was launched, Apple’s shares were hiked at very high process and the launch of the phone was a big success all over the world. China was also the country where the popularity of the company had increased which at 7th place in popularity before the launch of iPhone 6. Apple was at the top position after that but the top position of the company could not be retained for longer period as it has falling down to the third place now following Xiaomi at first place and Huawei which is the fastest growing smartphone maker in China at the second number.

Market Shares of the Top Smartphone Companies in China

Currently, 15.9 percent of the smartphone market is captured by Xiaomi while Huawei, keeping the second place has captured 15.7 percent of the market while Apple to the third place and after that Samsung and Vivo are the other two companies residing in the top five positions in the market of smartphones.

An analyst named Jingwen Wang said that the competition has risen among the smartphone companies up to the level which has never been seen in the market before. Apple and Samsung both have kept their focus on the Chinese market and are now engaged in the more sales in China which the reason that Xiaomi cannot remain relaxed regarding both the companies and their activities and it is not going to be easy for Xiaomi to retain its position in the market in the upcoming quarter and it would have to put more effort to save its top position in the smartphone market.

Record Sales of Huawei were seen in the previous quarter while a decline has in the sales of Apple in China in the first two quarters of the year. The decline in its sales was recorded by almost 21 percent. The increase in the popularity of Apple was due to the launch of new iPhone 6 which was soon after ended and local brands did not leave the opportunity to capture the market.

How Apple Entered the Chinese Market

Apple got success in the Chinese smartphone market through the marketing activities in the country and the company also signed a deal with China Mobile in January 2014. China Mobile is currently the largest wireless carrier in the world and it has been providing its services to more than 817 million customers all over world which makes it the largest.