Apple Expose New Music App To Rival Spotify

Apple which is always a threat to its competitors tries to bring new technology for its customers. This time Apple has challenged Spotify, tidal and other music apps by the announcement of a new app where a combination has been made of a music video library and streaming song, an internet radio station and a method of artists to share unreleased songs and other materials. For the suggestions of songs in the app, there is a recommendation system is made in which human creators and computer algorithms are used both.

The launching of the new app is expected to be a big success for the company and many persons in the industry believe that it will an assistance for the subscription based streaming mainstream. Hopes are high and name of the brand will do the rest for the success of the app.

Comparison with one of the competitors is made which is Spotify. The advantage which Spotify has right now is that it sells its premium packaged through an ad supported free level and Apple lacks this so far which makes Spotify a little better with its distinctive selling point.

The services of Apple will be given through a radio station named as Beats 1 and this station will be hosted by DJ Zane Lowe. The app has another quality of co0ordination with the voice controlled virtual assistant of Apple called, Siri which will make the subscribers able to ask for playing a song from a movie soundtrack or year and the name of the track is not necessary to be known.

Apple has stepped into this music subscription service which is considered to be a late step. According to Steve Jobs Apple would not be able to get succeed in such services and that was the reason that Apple had not started taking interest in providing these music subscription services. Market leader Spotify who has 15 Million paying subscribers, will not be easy to beat but a consultant James McQuivey believes that it will not take much time to reach it and it will be done within one year.

Apple will have to face a difficulty in explaining its services as it is a mixture of live radio, music streaming and a social interaction with the artists. But on the other hand, one thing is sure that the competitors of Apple will have to face big threat as Apple is going to give its customers free subscriptions for three months and there will be family bundles as well which are going to play a huge part in the success of apple in this new service.

30th June will be the date when Apple will be launching its app and it will cost $9.99 per month to one person in US and $14.99 for a family of 6 people. These are the same costs the leader Spotify is charging as well.