Apple Faces The Day Of Great Expectations- What Can The New iPhone And The Smart Clock Bring To The Company

Apple will definitely launch on September 9 the new iPhone and everyone speaks about larger screens. All Android users requested that specific feature. In addition, rumors say that a new smart clock will also be launched at tonight’s event.

This new appearance is expected to dominate a market filled with mediocre products. All the products that will be released tonight are very important for the CEO Tim Cook who has been pushed to show that the company has the ability to create new and powerfull producst like the ones from Steve Jobs time.

Many people said that in the last two or three years Apple has slowed down the pace of innovation and didn’t launch any revolutionary products. Instead, Apple started to upgrade the existing ones. Everyone criticized the fact that iPhone’s screen stayed at 4 inches when many Android models have passed 5 inches.

It appears that there will be 2 new iPhones; one will have 4.7 inches and the other 5.5 inches. This is a giant leap for Apple. Obviously, a bigger screen will consume more battery, but it is almost sure that the processor will be stronger.

Another interesting novelty is the NFC connection for mobile electronic payments. Some say that agreements were signed with MasterCard and American Express. Everyone knows that iPhone will try to attract more clients, especially tose who are unhappy with the small screens.

A highly anticipated product is the so-called smartwatch “iWatch”. Everyone found out about the new iPhone but no one found out anything about the new watch. This is a sign that Apple has managed to preserve the secret very well and hasn’t started manufacturing it yet.

The smartwatch market grown over the years and today, we have a large number of terminals with prices between 100 and 400 euros and various specs. Most watches can only function if synced to a smartphone, their battery only lasts one day and the screen resolution si very low.

Everyone is expecting an exceptional watch from Apple, with curved screen and stylish design. It is well known the fact that Apple has its fans that refuse to my a smartwatch from another brand and this is how they could be market leaders in the near future.

But it is very possible that Apple will not launch the clock until 2015. This will give competitors some time to refine their products.