Apple Fixed The Bug Responsible For Celebs Leaked Nude Photos

The fun for iCloud accounts hackers has been ended. In the last couple of days, the internet world was astounded over some leaked celebrity photos. It was initially reported that the hacker or hackers used the iCloud accounts of the celebs to hack their private photos and posted them on 4chan to earn Bitcoins.

Some unconfirmed reports have identified the person who leaked the photos but the 27-year old supposed leaker has vehemently denied the claims. FBI is now “addressing the matter” and won’t say more. While the main culprit behind these leaked images is still yet to be caught, the bug that could have enabled them to gain access to the high-profile victims’ iCloud accounts was fixed by Apple, just hours after the nude and semi-nude photos of celebrities were leaked.

Apple’s Find My iPhone doesn’t use bruteforce protection which basically allows hackers to try as many passwords as they can against an iCloud account until the right password is found. While many sites will automatically lock out any user who tries to enter different passwords, Find My iPhone does not do this. The effect could allow hackers to grant access to Apple IDs, and from that alone, they can potentially lead to different accounts such as iCloud accounts. The hackers needed to have the email addresses of the celebrities if this is the tool they used. However, in this case, it’s possible that only one email address was used, allowing the hackers to search other addresses in the contact list.

A master list claiming to be the names of all celebrities who were hacked is also making rounds online. The list includes the names of popular female celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Selena Gomez, although an initial batch of photos of female stars has already been viewed and shared by the public including those of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, Kate Upton, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Dunst, Lawrence, and Upton had acknowledged the leaked photos but others such as Grande and Justice have announced that the photos claiming to be them were fakes.

The same developers who announced the bug in the Find My Phone service have also confirmed that this exploit has been fixed. Apple has not released an official statement yet as to whether this is the bug that’s responsible for the iCloud accounts hacking. Until then, this is the most plausible reason for the leaked photos. Of course, there is always that possibility that these celebrities just trusted the wrong people or the photos could be related to revenge or a romantic interest. The most curious thing here, however, is that a number of celebrities suffered leaks at the same time.

What we know for sure is that Apple has confirmed that they are currently investigating the issue and Twitter is reportedly tracking down and suspending accounts that share the leaked photos, so you might want to reconsider RT-ing. The internet world is buzzing and until the hackers have been identified, it will continue to spin.