Apple Iphone 6 Or The Iphone 6 Plus! Which One Is The Winner Of Race?

According to a mobile advertisement company estimation the iPhone 6 scored 80 percent of the total number of the iPhone which are being used all over the world and the remaining shares were obtained by the iPhone 6 plus.

The screen of iPhone 6 is having display range of 4.7.0 inches and is prominently made to lead the iPhone 6 Plus which has the display size of 5.5 inches with a great difference. According to an App, the difference in use and the interaction between iPhone 6 and iphone 6 Plus are the points which can be ignored easily.

It is quite well to take an average that out of 5 new sold iPhones one is iPhone 6 Plus.
The iPhones for which the people were waiting anxiously were introduced on the 9th of September, getting the excitement from people around the whole world.

On the first week of the opening of these iPhones, almost 10 million iPhones were sold that was more than the previous year sales by the Apple.

The advertising companies go through almost 25 billion ad requests everyday and have a look at the high data volume to take the estimation.

The people of the Western countries feel more satisfaction with the medium size display phones and they also like to buy phones with mid-size screen display. As compared to Western people Asians are more interested in buying bigger size screen when it comes to their choice of mobiles and tablets .Hence choices of people is different in Western countries and Asian countries.

Almost 35 percent of the overall new iPhones are used in the China, Vietnam, Philippines and the Japan and it means that below average people are using it in these countries.

According to an App, “no one ever expected that the iPhone 6 plus will be more in demand than the iPhone 6 that is in sales, but its use was much more less than the expectations – especially in the those areas where the Phaplets were already quite in demand.

Smartphones and tablets ranges from 5.5 inches to 7.0 inches and they are becoming famous among the people just because of their dual functions of smartphone as well as a tablet.

Therefore, this is the reason of the popularity of big display mobile/smartphones. There is a demand of the tablets, the smartphones and PCs, among the people of USA and other Western European countries so that they can use them according to their need. They don’t care about the size but they just want all the functions in one device to utilize.

The people US are in the favor of carrying single device with all the facilities as compared to many different smart devices. According to Apple iPhone 6 with thickness of 0.26 inches and iPhone 6 Plus whose thickness is 0.27, these two smartphones are the thinnest iPhones of the present time. Both the smartphones are having high processors so that you can enjoy them.