Apple Is Experimenting Its Latest Super-Thin Macbook Air!

The latest MacBook Air is going through its makeover at this time. The report by 9 to 5 Mac that apple is going through the steps of testing for its latest 12 inch MacBook Air that is too much slim and it is having narrow shape than the current 11 inch model.

To have a laptop with such a slim shape altered all of the Macbooks ports for this one in all fantastic port.

The latest MacBook Air is having the USB ports as well as the MagSafe port that is for charging. These ports are having the thickness of just few millimeters and are covering the whole width of the laptop.

If Apple takes the decision of changing to the so called USB Type C technology it will be taking the latest slim kind of the plug that is mainly designed to do all kind of work.

Type-C USB is having the ability of giving power to a system, so the separate MagSafe charger will not be required by the users.

It gives power to the display and it works quicker than the technology of the USB. It is fast enough to take the place of the Thunderbolt by Apple.

The size of the plug is roughly equal to the size of the micro USB switch that supplies power just to all smartphones that are not from the Apple company. They are big in size than the ports of the Apple devices.

Just having one port is considered as a disadvantage for the device. It means that the device cannot be connected to any PC or printer when your MacBook is on charge. It also shows that you have to buy an adapter to charge your old style USB port which is compatible.

According to the report of 9 to 5 Mac the latest 12 inches Macbook by Apple is going through the process of testing and it’s having keyboard of small size and it will create a thin structure but it’s not surety that this version of MacBook will come in front of the public in near time.