Apple Is Going To Discontinue Iphone 5c In The Next Year

According to a new report, Apple is going to discontinue the iPhone 5C next year that was unveiled by the Apple in the last year as an alternate to the iPhone 5S to the users who wanted to grab the iPhone at the relatively lower costs.

According to the MacRumors, “Foxconn and Wistron who are the manufacturers of iPhone 5C will reduce the production of the phone and will drop off the device in the mid of 2015.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 5C as a lower-cost alternative to the iPhone 5S that was also less-featured as compared to the iPhone 5S to offer the users the iPhone experience at relatively lower cost than the iPhone 5S. Like, the iPhone 5C don’t have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and it also lacks the speedier A7 processor that was used in the iPhone 5S device.

Starting off with $99, the 5C was launched in five different colors. Now, the 5C is available for free through a two year wireless contract in a special 8GB edition.

There were no specific reasons stated by the Apple for stopping the 5C production, but it is a common thing for the Apple to discontinue the older models by launching the new models. The iPhone 6 was introduced in the September and has got a 4.7 inch display and also the iPhone 6 Plus that has got a 5.5 inch display to attract the iPhone users.

Even though, after the launching of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 5S is still selling at its starting price that was set to $99.

The iPhone 5C didn’t achieve its sales target initially because more customers looked to gravitate to the iPhone 5S. The CIRP (a research firm) survey report about the iPhone sales stated that, “the iPhone 5S scored 59 % of the total iPhone sales recorded during the last quarter of 2013. In contrast, the 5C scored only 27 percent.

The subsidized price of iPhone 5C may look like a budget-conscious in some markets, but the full price of $549 kept this device out of reach for the potential buyers in some emerging markets. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said that “the iPhone 5C was never geared to be a cheap phone”.

According to the stats by the AppleInsider, the iPhone 5C outsold much of the competition all through the final quarter of 2013, together with numerous popular Android phones. During the Apple’s June quarter, the iPhone 5C improved its sales.

In every quarter, the Apple reports its total number of sales, but the company doesn’t break down the sales per device. So, the situation is not clear that how well or how poor the iPhone 5C performed in the market.

As the new iPhone 6 models have a huge demand among the users and the iPhone 5S still a viable phone at the user friendly prices the iPhone 5C doesn’t seem to be in the market in near future.