Apple Is Going To Make Important Announcements

We can expect what is going to be announced next week in the present event of Apple as there is not any scarcity of the hints and news that are in the air these days. iPhones are going to be upgraded completely and expectations are that there will be new Apple device now. Also, Apple may introduce a large iPad Pro.

Upgrades of the Apple phones has a rhythm. In every numbered year, the company released iPhone 4. 5 and 6 while in the odd years, bump is added to the device and “S” at the end of the name as iPhone 3GS, 4S and 5S. now the company is keeping the same order but there is no intention to do anything which would make those people angry who purchased the previous model.

Major inclusion in the new model will be Force Touch Pressure Sensitive Screen that will new taste to the phone. More options which we might see in the latest phone would be a stronger aluminum shell and a new color, rose gold. Definitely, the addition of a better and faster processor is expected along with increased RAM, 4K back camera and a microphone that would be better.

Apple TV, which is a rumor that comes with the news of every new launching device and we hope every time but this time, this is not just the rumor. Siri control will be one of the most significant inclusions in the phone through which you will be able to control the music, TV and games with the help of voice commands. Now you will have the Apple TV remote that has the Siri button.

To increase the content and channels options, addition of an App Store is also expected for the Apple TV and it is going to be kept open for the developers from outside. A drastic change in the gaming options will be there as well, the app store will have the games that could be downloaded. Also, it will provide the support for the third party gaming controllers. To run the latest Apple TV feature, processor will be required with the much faster speed and Apple is going to give that too.

 In the event, another announcement will also be made by the company regarding the ne iPad that is claimed to be of a professional level. This is going to be of a bigger size equal to a laptop, 12.9 inches. It is rumored to be given a display with ultra-high resolution, sensor with Touch ID fingerprint, a USB port and perhaps a stylus.

Name of the company will be higher after this professional level tablet introduction. Enterprises like Cisco, IBM, and others are in touch with the company for the making of the iPads, iPhones and computers and customizing them to make them attractive for the retailers and the corporate clients.

The news are also coming regarding the announcement of the latest version of the iPad Mini.