Apple iWatch Extensive Demand Troubling The Supply

For many months, since the Apple iWatch launch in the market, it is facing the exaggerating demands of the customers. The new gadget has not only worked as a watch, but it is another masterpiece of the Apple company which stunned the technology world. As the product launch of the company, it has limited edition for the target customers. Soon, its demand rises and the company later decided to adopt a unique way for sale this magnificent product to their customers. They sold limited units of the iWatch to the most expensive fashion boutiques. They have decided and announced that, their product would only be available at highly reputed boutiques in a limited time. No any official Apple store will sell this brand to any customer.

This decision clearly shows, the fashion icon which is getting popular among the customers. It is a clear evidence, that such launching decision in the boutique is to show the positioning of this smart watch neither a new technological gadget.

To cope with the extensive demands of the iWatch, now the Apple has already decided to send the customer’s online order much before the time they expect. It would be a challenge to the past services which Apple gave to its online customers on their online shopping order.

According to the some criticize, the new way to sell the company products in the market through the online and boutique is to control the extensive demands which exaggerate the supply of the company product and could disappoint the users. We already know, that the demand of the smart watched is now much less than the latest technological gadget which is offered by the companies. With the changing trend in using the gadgets and the technological advance machines, now everyone prefer unique and mind blowing way to ease their daily life.

As always now Apple new product Watch would turn the table in the Technology based marketing, as compare to the other rivals, which in the California according to the Capital market FBR Daniel.

While talking to the media Daniel Ives disclose their further plan. He said:

“We are increasing our shipment for the Apple Watch which is estimated almost 17 million units to 20 million units would be launched in the current year 2015. We have sold almost 2 million units since the day we launch this product in the market. It is estimated that the revenues which we are getting through the sale of this watch could be much than as expected. It could increase company revenue up to 8% in the next 2 years.”

One of the ideal way to grab more customers for the Apple watch is to introduce this gadget for the Android users and bring them on the ecosystem of the Apple for their tablets, apps, music and mobile phones. It could also give another blow to the revenue of the Apple company. This idea is generated from the latest report submitted by the Carolina Milanesi who is Chief Researcher in ComTech. She told that according to her latest research on the Android users, mostly prefer to use the Apple’s smart watch rather than Google’s operating system for their android.