Apple Of China – Xiaomi

Apple and Samsung are facing tough competition due to the presence of Xiaomi in the market as it has been fighting for the top position in the Chinese smart phone market and have taken a lead from the Apple and Samsung. Craze of the brand can be seen among the people through their liking of the company’s song which can be heard from the mouth of many fans and few crazy fans make the logo of the company by shaving their heads. Now Xiaomi expanding its business out of China and aiming to open a new store in Hong Kong which will present a new concept as well. The name of the store will be Mi Home as it is present in China.

Mi Home welcome its customers and has three main purposes. One of the function Mi Home has is to showcase all the new products, second purpose is after sale, one-stop shop and third purpose is to provide its fans a place where they can meet and get socialized.

These kind of customer services are rare for example the customers when entered the store gets a very warm welcome by the staff of the store and sometimes staff behaves with them like they are the fans of customers and take selfies with them. Customers are then allowed to visit mock living rooms, where the air is get purified and provided the customers to breathe. Then the customers may find the smart televisions where they can play games.

A disappointing thing is that Mi Home is still a customer service rather than retail sales and Customers will be buying the products online. Xiaomi have low costs because of its less marketing and more focus on sales through web. They do not need to do much marketing efforts as a large amount of their sales have always been done through word of mouth and still it is a big success. The success can be seen by its record which it had made earlier this year for selling most mobile phones in 24 hours.

An interesting thing about the brand is that it is known as Apple of China and the reason this name is that phones are made very similar to the Apple phones and Mi Home is made by following the concept of Apple stores and its CEO Lei Jun follow the attire of Steve Jobs which he used to wear during the events and at the launch of the products.

In America, Smart Phones are not yet being sold by Xiaomi but it has been selling other accessories like headphones and portable gadget chargers online and planning to start the smart phones sale as well very soon.