Apple To Look Into the Diversity of Their Staff After Results of Diversity Report Shows That Majority of Staff Are White.

A recent report into the diversity of the Apple workforce has not returned results that have pleased the CEO. Although there was nothing that would not have been seen in any other technology firm in the area, plans will be put in place to improve diversity.

The figures for Apples American employees shows that 55% of the workforce is white, 15% Asian, 11% Hispanic and 7% black, 2 mixed, and 9% would not provide the information. Further breakdowns regarding tech staff and non tech provided pretty much the same information. When leadership roles are taken into account however the figures look even worse as there are 64% who are white.

When it comes to male/female staff the CEO is equally embarrassed as overall there is a 70%/30% breakdown. Here leadership does not make such a big difference with it being 72%/28%.

Whether or not this is a trend that is shown in all of their branches around the world is not known, as Apple have not agreed to let the overall figure be known. Tim Cook has made a comment regarding the company line and has made it clear that he is not happy. “Apple is committed to transparency…as CEO, I’m not satisfied with the numbers on this page……we’re committed to being innovative in advancing diversity.”

If there is any sort of bright light on the horizon for Apple it is that Twitter and Google are in the same boat and Facebook are closely behind. Even eBay is employing 58% men and 42% female so still have a way to go.

Cook has been able to show that he has been working towards a fairer balance when it comes to the executive roles and has personally been responsible for appointing Eddy Cue – a Cuban American – as an Executive manager and African American Lisa Jackson was brought into the environmental arena and further examples of women being given responsibility is seen as the head of retail stores is Angela Ahrendts. The one area that needs to be worked in is there is just the one woman on the board and shareholders have been vocal when it comes to showing their displeasure with this fact.

Apple are again in the process of dealing with the issues that are put to them and have made a recent addition to their charter to this effect according to Bloomberg.