Apple Watch Or Android Wear?

After Google created Android Wear, a smartwatch which was a great success, Apple wanted to keep the pase and launched in September, in addition to the sith generation of iPhone, 6 and 6 plus, a product from a new category of gadgets, a Smart Watch called Apple Watch.

So a close competition will continue between the two companies. That is why a comparison between the two devices is needed. This will help you chose the smartwatch that suits your needs. The Verge made such a comparison.

 Displaying the time

In the case of Apple watch, the screen remains off unless is viewed by the user. The screen will light up when the wrist moves, giving the user the information he needs and saving energy at the same time.

On the other hand, the Android Watch’s display remains lit constantly. But, there are also models similar to Apple, that show the time when the user is looking at the watch.


Apple Watch, being a device that functions connected to a iPhone,will show on its screen all the notifications you receive on your phone. The device also allows the user to answer messages or take other actions like accepting a friend request on Facebook.

The notification occupy a large part of the interface of the smartwatch from Google. The Android Wear offers the possibility to see them and to perform various actions.

Quick information

At the bottom of the Apple gadget there is a section called “Glances”. This is actually a series of books presenting the information that the user might be interested in, such as weather or important events in your calendar.

Google has always been very capable and has the ability to predict and highlight the information you might take interest into. As the notifications are listed, Google books will suddenly appear to help.


Apple Watch style resembles the Android Wear one. The difference consists in the premium materials used by Apple. They used aluminum and gold and the final product looks great. Also, the gadget comes in two sizes and in different colours.

In the case of Google, the users choose. There are round or square watches with a pleasant look.



At the launching event Apple gave no information regardind the battery of the device.

Android’s Wear battery needs some improvements because it only lasts a day.