Apple Watch: Will It Be The Top Tech Item In 2015?

If we go back a year and right in these days, there was so much discussions and talks about when and is Apple going to launch a smart watch and if they do, then in what way this new launch will impact on the market for the wearable computer.

Time passed, and we witnessed the first ever version of the Apple Watch back in September and the question of “if” just went away by that launch by the Apple Company.

As I expected that the discussions will likely be there to dominate personal tech prospect in the upcoming year and at what time in the year 2015 Apple Watch will clock in the remains mystery. It is also not figured out yet that how much high above entry level $350 cost of the few premium versions of watch could command.

I will be a little surprised if the accessibility time slips past to the first quarter of new year, but the time will tell with authority.

Apart from the time question, there are also some other questions those can be considered as the key questions: Can the Apple Watch perform like a catalyst in order to make the smart watches specially and the wearables additionally general to go mainstream?

Will the Apple be able to fix the most important bugaboos bothering the many early users of the Apple Watch that is already there in the market and the big concern of the battery life?

I may not be right what I always expect that the first arrivals of the Apple Watches will be generating the buzz that the other Apple products offer on their arrival. I expect that the sales for the Apple Watches will defeat the number of sales for the other wearables in the market.

On the other side, I’ll also say this that the Apple Watch’s version one will just be like the “Version 1”, means that the new arrival will may look like sexy and having huge promises, but the version 1 will definitely have the few pains with that as well.

With the launch of the new Apple Watch by the Apple, the rival Google definitely be looking to improve their Android Wear by working very hard as the Apple Watch will definitely be a threat for the Google because Apple is a giant when it comes to producing the latest technology and capturing the markets.

Now, let’s see in the 2015 when the Apple will unveil its all new Apple Watch and how it will perform in the market. Another big question that will surely be in the minds of the tech lovers and analyst is that how it will perform against the Google’s Android Wear that is already available in the market as a wearable computer.

To get the answers of all such questions, we will have to wait and see in the 2015 for the Apple’s new arrival.