Apple Will Reveal The iPhone 6S On September 9

An event is going to be held by Apple in San Francisco on September 9th and it is expected that the event is going to be presenting the new iPhone generation.

Apple lovers can expect the release of the new iPhone 6S which will give them some enhanced features. What can these enhanced features be?

The phone will have the force touch display which will disclose some extra settings of the menu. The settings will open when the screen is pressed hard on your phone’s screen. This is the feature that was first time added in the Apple watch.

This is not the end of the story related to the new features iPhone 6S will have rather the company is expected to make an announcement regarding the camera and processor of the phone as well. The latest phone is going to have a processor with enhanced speed and its camera will give better results. Apple always brings something new to the phone that is why the users can expect that the improved features will be seen in the latest iPhone 6S.

Apart from this phone, here will be another announcement that is going to be for the new version of the iPad which will have a 12.9 inch screen.

When a spokesman from the company was asked about the revealing objects at the event, he showed some hesitance and refused to say anything on that. Apple always make announcements for its phones in the month of September for the last three years and interestingly, the same date was used last year to disclose the features of iPhone 6 and 6 plus both on which the event is going to occur now.

Although, there are the similarities in the event compared to the previous year but there is one difference in this year’s event as well and that is the location where the phone is going to be revealed. Past events were held by the company in Cupertino at the corporate headquarters of the company or at Moscone West in San Francisco. Now the event is going to occur at a new place which is Bill Graham Civic Auditorium located in San Francisco.

In the invitation for this event, it was written by the Apple “Hey Siri, give us a hint.” And various responses were programed by the company for it.