Apple will Solve Its Wi-Fi Problems

Apple has made its impression all over the world through its iPhone and MAC. Its fans love the features which are introduced by Apple continuously which has always helped Apple to retain the trust of its customers on its products. Every year Apple adds something new in the products which becomes the cause of attraction to the fans but last year when Apple’s new update Yosemite came, there was an issue which was seen in the Wi-Fi of the iPhone devices and MAC.

The problem has been shared by many fans by making the complaints on Apple’s official forum. Due to these complaints, it came to knowledge of Apple’s authorities that many people are having the problems in the Apple devices related to the internet which include slow speed of internet and slow loading of pages and it also crashes so many times which is disturbing to the people.

Since last twelve years, Apple has been using “mDNSResponder” and all the networking in the iPhones and MAC was dependent on this “mDNSResponder” and it was its duty to run the networking of devices in perfect order. DNS is the Domain Name System which is a locator and works by finding a website among the number of websites. A computer deals its work through IP addresses to open a website and it is not possible for us to remember all those IP addresses due to which we have to write URL of the websites which are easy for us to remember. When we enter the URL of any website, it is converted into IP address and this is done by DNS (Domain Name System). These Domain Names of all the websites are saved in the DNS server like a telephone directory having telephone numbers of many people. The entire process of DNS and DNS Server is known as Lookup Process which is the main task being performed by “mDNResponder”.

When the new Yosemite update came, “mDNSResponder” was removed by Apple and its function was given to the new process called “discoveryd”. The “discoveryd” process was complicated and the language (C++) that was used in this process was advanced as compared to “mDNSResponder”.

This new “discoveryd” process created all the discussed problems related to the internet connection and its speed in the iPhone devices and MAC which have to be faced by the users all the time using internet. Apple tried to resolve the issues in its new process many times but could not remove the problems completely. Therefore, now Apple has decided to provide its users the same speed of internet without any issues and for that “mDNSResponder” is again included in the iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. which will be appreciated by the fans again as they will expect the internet on the Apple devices soundly again.