Apple’s iWatch: Why Tim Cook Needs This To Be A Success

Smartwatches have been getting a lot of attention as of late. Most recently, the headlines have been buzzing with Google’s wearable platform called Android Wear. Android Wear is certainly an interesting platform for wearables, but has been getting mixed reviews from the press. The software is interesting, but is still plagued by glitches and a lack of solid applications. The hardware is fine, but the currently available products look rather bland and unattractive. A smartwatch from Apple has been rumored for years now. The fabled iWatch has become the most notorious product that we’ve still yet to see. We’ve seen leaked renders, reported specs, endless list of rumors, etc. Apple will be having an event sometime this fall where they will most likely announced the iPhone 6. While the iPhone 6 is certainly a product that a lot of people are excited about, there’s no denying that all eyes are currently focused on the iWatch. Last year we thought Apple would finally take the wraps off of it, but we were only met with the iPhone 5S and 5C. 2015 looks to be there year more than ever, and everyone is now expecting Apple to announce some sort of wearable at the event. Why is this such a big deal though? Because this could be the next iPhone.

Remember all the way back to 2007 prior to Apple’s iPhone announcement? Smartphones, while they certainly existed, weren’t really all that great. They were slow, big, clunky and just weren’t enjoyable to use. Then entered the iPhone, and everything changed. That’s kind of how the state of smartwatches are right now. They’re functional, but just don’t have enough features and uses for most people. If any company can make a smartwatch to change them all, it’s absolutely Apple. Here are a few key areas that Apple needs to focus on with the iWatch.


A watch is meant to be looked at frequently, so the display is absolutely critical. We’ve seen recent reports that suggest Apple’s iWatch will feature a 2.5-inch display. While this is almost an entire inch bigger than what we’re seeing right now for smartwatch display sizes, it could work with the form factor Apple’s been rumored to be working on. Along with the size, Apple also needs to make sure the thing looks good in direct sunlight, another problem facing current smartwatches.


Another issue with the smartwatches of today is the battery life situation. Most only last a full day on a single charge, at that is a big turn off for a lot of users. If Apple is going to do this right, they need to make sure they have a battery than can last at least a week on a single charge.


When interacting with your watch, you want it to be an enjoyable experience. Apple has had more than seven years to get down iOS, so we could see a tweaked version of that make its way to the iWatch. We can also expect to see some of that flat design language that was first introduced with iOS 7.

Whatever Apple announces, you can expect that the iWatch will be stealing all of the headlines when its announced. This could be the biggest product of Apple’s since the iPhone. No pressure, right?