Are we Going To See Apple Car?

There are rumors that there is some project related to car on which Apple has been working but Apple has neither told any such thing publically nor it has admitted about it yet.

As it is the history of Apple that it does not disclose anything to the public very early therefore, we cannot say with the surety that what actually is being done.

Some evidences say it is an electric car, some say an operating system for vehicles while according to few we are going to see a self-driving car made by Apple on the roads in 2019. One of the evidences of any such activity is that huge number of car batteries and auto engineers are being hired by Apple. The company has hired engineers during the last few years who made prototypes at Bentley and were able to manage the crash dummy tests.

The company even had to face legal action over that. It has been sued by an electric car batteries producer, A123 to steal its employees. Apple has also been blamed for hiring 5 high-tech PhD and engineers of the Massachusetts Company.

Tesla Motors is another one whose employees are being hired by Apple. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors said that Tesla has even hired more people from Apple than the employees hired by Apple.

Automotive Executives are also called to be made as the part of Apple. Doug Betts, an executive of Fiat Chrysler has joined Apple this year. Betts had also worked for Toyota, Nissan and Michelin. Now his LinkedIn profile tells that he is working for Apple.

Johann Jungwirth, who was leading the Mercedes Benz Research and Development in North America had been hired by Apple in 2014. He has the knowledge and experience with the cars that are connected to the internet.

Vans have been seen moving on the road with sensors and cameras loaded in them around the suburb of San Francisco and Brooklyn. The records of the California State showed that the car is leased to Apple.

Elon Musk believes that Apple is going to take a step in the business of cars. He said that would be great to see more competitors of electric cars. Fiat Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne appreciated Apple and encouraged the company to partner with them. According to Marchionne, Apple is going to be a huge threat for the auto industry. He is expected that Apple will be able to get success in that sector and create an alarming situation for the industry.

Although Apple has expanded its product line but still the company gets most of the revenue from its iPhones and this opportunity will be a good one for Apple to diversify its business more.