Login To Discovery Education Online Student Account

Discovery Education is making partnerships with different schools so that the transformation of teaching methods can be done. The objective is to bring the digital methods of learning for the students and through its website, it has been providing digital textbooks, curricular resources that are aligned, assessment services.

Discovery Education is spreading rapidly

Almost half of the schools in the United States are being partnered with Discovery Education. Around a million educators and more than thirty five million students are taking advantage from the Discovery Education.

Transformation of the Teaching Methods

Digital text books help the teachers to transform the way of teaching that is going to be more interesting for the students. Programs that are easy to use can be proved as a powerful source of learning for the students. Streaming plus is a service which is being utilized to enhance the motivation level of the students towards the studies. These methods develop the habit of critical thinking in the students. The learning may simple because of being more practical.

How to create an account?

An account can be made by the new users by taking the passcode of their teacher of the school. A unique and particular set of passcodes is given to every school for its teachers.

  • When you get the passcode of your teacher, you can start the process by opening the website of Discovery Education which is assignments.discoveryeducation.com. From here, you can get the access to the online student account and get the assignments or any other thing you require.
  • At the top of the page you have opened, you can find a tab “Passcode/Create New User link. Click on that. Some information will have to be entered here so that an account can be created.
  • The user name you enter should have minimum 6 characters and this must be unique as well. It should not match with the username of your entire DE community. Make sure that you have not used your date of birth, social security number or any other thing that is personal to you as your username.