Austrian Student Files A Worldwide Class- Action Against Facebook

It’s now emerging that an Austrian student is filing a class action suit against Facebook for violating the privacy and asking the users of the social media platform whose number stands at around 1.32 billion to join in the huge legal battle against the company.

The suit was filed at the commercial court in Vienna on Friday by Max Schrems, who has sued several other top technology companies in the United States before. The reason why the case will proceed as a class action is because of the fact that the laws of Austria allows many people to transfer their   financial claims to one person- Max Schrems in this case.

The determined student believes that he has a strong case against Facebook and extends invitations to other Facebook users to take action by registering their participation using their Facebook login details at In a post placed on the website, Max Schrems said that “ Facebook has quite a long list of violations and for this legal action, we have opted to go for the obvious violations of the law: the Facebook privacy policy, the PRISM program, apps on Facebook, Graph Search and tracking through the like buttons. ” He further says that the massive spy systems which the social media giant has deployed to spy on those who do not comply with access requests violates the privacy of the social media platform user.

The Austrian student is seeking for injunctions against Facebook under the EU data protection laws and is asking for an award of five hundred Euros for every user for the above violations which have been committed by the social media network.

Schrems said that “our goal is to make Facebook operate legally in protecting the data of its users”.

The users who join the case will not have to worry about financial implications if he loses the vase because he has entered into an agreement with a German-legal financing provider to bear the costs just incase he loses the case.

But in case victory is achieved, the 26 years old Austrian student will receive 500 Euros just like any other person who registers to take part in the class suit.

However, Canadians and United States residents will not be able to take part in the class suit because the suit is filed against Facebook Ireland which is responsible for all the operations of Facebook outside the US and Canada.

“We have a habit of directing fingers at the US, but we aren’t taking the necessary steps to enforce our rights anyway” Max Schrems told Reuters” If we can marshal people to join a class suit like this one, we will absolutely be able to send a huge signal to the industry”

The Austrian made an appeal to the Irish High Court to rule on the allegations that United States companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google assisted the NSA collect private personal data from residents of the European Union. However, the Irish Judges forwarded the case to the European Court of Justice where it is awaiting review.