Auto Insurances May Be Sold By Google In Usa!

In San Francisco, Google will be introducing a debut, the shopping site of auto insurance in US. From this insurance company the policies will be sold to the people according to the analysts of the industrial insurance.

The internet giant was running an insurance company and the shopping website in England that is known as the Google Compare since the last 2 years.

An analyst whose name is Ellen Carney said in a blog post that the Google Compare is having the license, so that it can sale the insurances in 26 different countries and it is also having the authority to sell the policies in at least one state.

She also writes insurances for the Forrester research so that it can be observed that which country had given license to Google so that it can sale the insurances. She told that, “the launch of it was delayed due to some reasons.”

Even the insurers were pointing out the overtures of Google to take part on the site of comparison for almost more than 2 years now. The launch of the site of USA Google Comparing is getting delayed, it was hopefully going to be introduced in California and after that it was going to be launched in Illinois, next in line was Pennsylvania and then Texas. But due to some reasons it was delayed till Q1.

She also unrevealed that the executive of Google whose name is Meredith Stechbart just got the permit to sale the insurances through the Google Compare and can also sell on the website of insurance in San Francisco by the name of Cover Hound.

According to a new report Google is not commenting on this entire situation but it is going to be a big chance for US when they started selling insurances by Google.