Boeing Has Made The Lightest Ever Metal

Boeing has claimed that the lightest metal ever has been created by it, a material of microlattice and it has been described as 99.99 percent air.

It is remarkably significant to save the weights in the manufacturing of aircrafts as the requirement for the fuel is also low for those aircrafts which have lighter weights.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was an innovative commercial jet as it is not made up of aluminum instead carbon fiber material that is very light in weight has been used in it. This makes it the fuel efficient.

The microlattice seems like a mesh or a sponge and moreover it is flexible as well as full of strength. According to the Boeing the metal created has the ability to save lot of money therefore it can be very handy for the airlines if it is used widely so that savings can be done by this fuel efficient material.

The microlattice has been defined by the Boeing as an Open Cellular Polymer Structure and it can be majorly used in structural components like floor panels and sidewall. It is now the lightest metal ever made in the world.

HRL Laboratories have developed the material, a joint venture among General Motors and Boeing. The weight of the microlattice is one tenth of the weight of the carbon fiber and lighter than the air. The metal is going to be used on the rockets and then commercial planes will also be using them due to which the manufacturing cost will be less.