British Airlines Website Go Offline After The Cyber Attack

The shocking news becomes the cover of every newspaper and news station in the morning that the biggest airline service in the United States, The British Airways website is attacked by the hackers which have controlled all the air-miles customer accounts and use taking illegal actions from the registered customers account. The GitHub coding and Slack which is chat service of the work in the airline is being used by the hackers.

The GitHub has been always the major area of the cyber attacks. Over the last few days, this firm is always under the hacking threats and actions from the third party. The DDoS is a technique to flood the GitHub with the high level of network traffic on the internet in the San Francisco which designed to control the website and its data and makes the website offline.

After the complaints and inaccessibility in the website, the firm have been notified its registered members by the emails about the cyber attack. Although the company approach varied and seems unpredictable by the company itself.

The situation gets worse when the several users of the British Airways website, complaints against the illegal use of their data and credit cards through their accounts while the other service like car pick-up failed to produce any illegal actions or evidence of this cyber crime.

The company actions against this cyber attack are very much criticized by the users. It seems they are not taking interest in the damages occurred after the hacking of their website. Several Uber accounts are wiped out with the user private information being stolen from the Executive Club of the British Airline in a fortnight.

According to the latest damage report after the cyber attack on the BA website, several users are notified with the illegal actions and usage of their data from the different region. One user complaint that someone around the corner had been using his name for the hotel reservation in Spain. Others complaint against the credit card service being used by some other user and wipe out all the balance of their accounts through the transactions. Some users got their mobile numbers changes to this registered account and narrowly escaped from the cyber attack after quick actions on changing their account details and passwords to avoid further leakage of the account information and illegal actions against their credit services.

The British Airline spokesman gives statements on this crucial issue that only a few numbers of our frequent flyers are affected through this cyber attack which is a DDoS attack on our company official website. It seems that a hacker is leaking our customer information through the automated process which give control to access some of the registered accounts on the website. He further assured its customers that they are not aware about the accessibility of the customer information which is a subsequent detail on the pages for the travel histories, payment details through the credit cards and other account information.