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The Race For The Device Activation This Holiday: Apple Dominated!

It seems like that on a lot of wish lists of the holiday, the devices by the Apple is clearly on the top.

During the week of the Christmas, there was half of the total device activations, 51% to be exactly were from the Apple – reported by a research firm known as “Flurry”.

On the second spot, it was Samsung with the 18% of the all device activations and followed by the Nokia at the number three with the 6% that makes it on the number three on this list.

There were exactly two iPhone models launched earlier this year and both of them having the bigger screens unlike the previous editions by the iPhone till the iPhone 5s.

The 4.7-inch screen helps the iPhone 6 users to experience a larger screen and the iPhone 6 Plus arrived in the market as the “phablet” that holds a 5.5 inch display.

On the Christmas Day, there are many gift exchanges among the people and most of the gifts exchanged among them are the tablets or the SmartPhones. So, the Christmas Day definitely the one of most popular days for the app downloads.

According to the research firm known as “Flurry” – there was approximately 2.5 times more app installations witnessed by the consumers during the December’s first three weeks.

During the December’s first three weeks, the most popular downloads were from the messaging and the games categories.

For the time, the “phablets” have become the more smart choice to present as a gift because of its larger screen.

According to the research firm Flurry – 13 percent of the new devices those were activated are from the phablet category that was just 3 percent a couple of years back.

There is a decline seen for the small and full size tablets and there were 17 percent of the activated devices those fell under the category of the full size tablets, but in this year, it dropped to only 11 percent.

Data Lose Is Sure For A Damaged Iphone If You Don’t Have The Itunes Or Icloud Backup Enabled!

In case, where you have broken your iPhone and you are unable to turn it on to get your important personal data saved somewhere in your PC or laptop, but your damaged iPhone is not at all turning on. And you have sent your damaged iPhone to the service center for the service and when it came back after repairing, then unfortunately, you have forgot the passcord/password of your iPhone.

At that point, you must be wondering about a way that can get you your old password or can reset your old password in order to get your personal data stored in your iPhone.

But, unfortunately you are helpless until you have enabled the iTunes or the iCloud backup enabled on your iPhone before you have lost the passcode.

If you have not enabled the iTunes or the iCloud backup on your device, then the system must be treating you like a stranger and you won’t be getting your important data once you have lost your password or the passcode.

Even the police cannot break through the password of your iPhone and the original users has to be there to input his passcode in order to get the access to his personal data from the iPhone.

For the iPhone users, it is impossible to use their device once they have lost the password and the only thing that they can do is, they can reset the device. This thing can permit you to use your iPhone again, but unfortunately, you have to lose all your important data in this situation.

There is not even a single plan other than enabling and updating the iTunes or the iCloud backup on your device or resetting it to use it again.

So, it is so much important for the iPhone users to activate the iTunes or the iCloud backup and update it regularly to make sure if they forgot the passcode, then the important data should be kept on an online storage from where they can retrieve it.

The positive thing about this sort of unbreakable security is that your important personal information can never be accessed or misused by the strangers or the crooks and on the negative side, if you are the genuine owner of your device and you have somehow forgot it’s password without having the online storage backup system activated on your device, then you are going to lose your all important personal data.

An important question is that can anyone really forget his 4-digit passcode? Why not? And the chances for forgetting the passcode increases more if you have been using the Touch ID recognition system.

To help yourself to recover your password if in case you have forgot the one, you can either write it down and fix it at some secure place or you can create the “keepsake” password that you can remember personally.

So, you have to take some sort of precautionary measures in order to make sure that if you forget your password, then you can get your important personal data and information in a way.

Apple Watch: Will It Be The Top Tech Item In 2015?

If we go back a year and right in these days, there was so much discussions and talks about when and is Apple going to launch a smart watch and if they do, then in what way this new launch will impact on the market for the wearable computer.

Time passed, and we witnessed the first ever version of the Apple Watch back in September and the question of “if” just went away by that launch by the Apple Company.

As I expected that the discussions will likely be there to dominate personal tech prospect in the upcoming year and at what time in the year 2015 Apple Watch will clock in the remains mystery. It is also not figured out yet that how much high above entry level $350 cost of the few premium versions of watch could command.

I will be a little surprised if the accessibility time slips past to the first quarter of new year, but the time will tell with authority.

Apart from the time question, there are also some other questions those can be considered as the key questions: Can the Apple Watch perform like a catalyst in order to make the smart watches specially and the wearables additionally general to go mainstream?

Will the Apple be able to fix the most important bugaboos bothering the many early users of the Apple Watch that is already there in the market and the big concern of the battery life?

I may not be right what I always expect that the first arrivals of the Apple Watches will be generating the buzz that the other Apple products offer on their arrival. I expect that the sales for the Apple Watches will defeat the number of sales for the other wearables in the market.

On the other side, I’ll also say this that the Apple Watch’s version one will just be like the “Version 1”, means that the new arrival will may look like sexy and having huge promises, but the version 1 will definitely have the few pains with that as well.

With the launch of the new Apple Watch by the Apple, the rival Google definitely be looking to improve their Android Wear by working very hard as the Apple Watch will definitely be a threat for the Google because Apple is a giant when it comes to producing the latest technology and capturing the markets.

Now, let’s see in the 2015 when the Apple will unveil its all new Apple Watch and how it will perform in the market. Another big question that will surely be in the minds of the tech lovers and analyst is that how it will perform against the Google’s Android Wear that is already available in the market as a wearable computer.

To get the answers of all such questions, we will have to wait and see in the 2015 for the Apple’s new arrival.

Story Of The 7 Years Old Boy And The Iphone Encryption!

The Matthew Green is a real guru when it comes to privacy. Matthew Green, who is a college professor by profession, knows everything about the computer security, NSA spying, the encryption and all the related work.

Yet, there is one who has shown the skills to match him in this thing. And amazingly, he is just 7 years old child – his own son!

Matthew Green has an iPhone 6 Plus. That means, everything on his device must be encrypted so that only he can unlock the device with his own finger. Make sense!

But amazingly this Tuesday morning, his little son Harrison went into his dad’s room quietly and grabbed his father’s iPhone 6 Plus and pressed his large thumb on the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner in order to unlock the device. And guess what? He went into it by breaking the iPhone encryption!

Matthew Green woke up and he had no right to blame his 7 years old kid Harrison because after all, he had installed the Angry Birds Transformers and the Minecraft in his iPhone 6 plus for his child. So, his 7 years old boy can access his device to play the games anyway.

For the Matthew Green, it is now a perfect argument against the Apple’s statement that the “iPhone’s encryption cannot be broken.” Well, Apple has a sturdy statement about the security of their iPhone that it can’t be encrypted by the thieves or the police. But, it proved wrong when the Matthew Green’s iPhone 6 plus was in the hands of his 7 years old boy Harrison.

Recently, the “encryption” was rolled out by the Apple that no longer permits the company to bypass your passcode. Cops cannot spy on the user by going directly to the Apple. According to the FBI director, the iPhone encryption guards the pedophiles through holding back the police. But, Matthew Green said, it doesn’t!

Matthew Green tweeted on that morning, “Dear FBI: think of the 7 years old children next time you say it” I ask you to see how easily my boy have bypassed the iPhone 6 plus encryption by using the physical attacks.”

Matthew Green explained why the biometric features like the voice or the fingerprints are not at all effective if you wish to keep your phone save from someone for the security reasons. Your finger can be pressed down to your scanner quite easily by a police officer.

Green said that this is really a serious problem. In cases, where you are under the custody, then the biometric systems are not good to protect your information.

Actually, that is already been seen in some cases like the Virginia Beach case that involved an EMT blamed for choking his girlfriend and the state court judge ruled that the police can easily force you to unlock your device with your fingers.

So, that is how your iPhone’s security can be bypassed by the human attacks and this issue must be treated in a way to find the right solution for this serious problem.

Which One Is Winning The Race? Apple Iphone 6 Or The Iphone 6 Plus!

Apple has unveiled its first ever Phablet and launched in the market by the name of iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 plus has been received by the customers, but the relatively smaller sized iPhone 6 is beating the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of the sales according to a new research.

According to the AppLovin, that is a mobile advertisement firm estimated that the iPhone 6 scored 80 percent of the total number of the iPhone used all over the world and the remaining shares were captured by the iPhone 6 plus. IPhone 6 that has got a 4.7 inch screen is clearly dominating the iPhone 6 Plus that has got a 5.5 inch screen by a huge margin.

The advertisement firm processes over 25 billion ad requests every day, glanced at the high volume of the data to determine its estimate.

According to the AppLovin, “the usage difference and the interaction among the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus are negligible on our network. It is just fair to estimate that approximately one in the five new iPhone sold is the iPhone 6 Plus.”

The most awaited iPhones were launched on the 9th of the September getting the enthusiasm from the customers all over the world.

On the first weekend of their launch, 10 million devices were sold by the Apple that was more than the previous year when the older generation of the iPhones was launched in the last year that was recorded as nine million at that time. So, the difference was recorded over one million.

Western nations are more satisfied with the mid-sized display phones and they like to buy the one that has got the mid-sized screen. While in Asia, they are more interested in the bigger sized screen when it comes to the mobiles. So, the situation is different in Asia and the Western nations.

IPhone 6 plus scored a 35 percent of the overall new iPhones in use in the China, Vietnam, Philippines and the Japan and that means that below average is using it in such countries.

The AppLovin said, “no one anticipated that the iPhone 6 plus will beat the iPhone 6 in sales, but the usage was much more below to the expectations – especially in the areas where the Phaplets was popular already.

The Smartphone and the tablets having a display size that ranges from the 5.5 inches to the 7 have been becoming popular just because of their dual sort of functionality of a Smartphone and a tablet at the same time. So, that is the reason of the popularity of the bigger sized smart phones.

There is a demand among the people of the United States and the other West European countries to be more attractive towards the combination of tablets, PCs, and the smart phones to utilize them just accordingly. They are not concerned about the size, but want to have the functionality of all of them in a single device.

Apple Is Going To Discontinue Iphone 5c In The Next Year

According to a new report, Apple is going to discontinue the iPhone 5C next year that was unveiled by the Apple in the last year as an alternate to the iPhone 5S to the users who wanted to grab the iPhone at the relatively lower costs.

According to the MacRumors, “Foxconn and Wistron who are the manufacturers of iPhone 5C will reduce the production of the phone and will drop off the device in the mid of 2015.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 5C as a lower-cost alternative to the iPhone 5S that was also less-featured as compared to the iPhone 5S to offer the users the iPhone experience at relatively lower cost than the iPhone 5S. Like, the iPhone 5C don’t have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and it also lacks the speedier A7 processor that was used in the iPhone 5S device.

Starting off with $99, the 5C was launched in five different colors. Now, the 5C is available for free through a two year wireless contract in a special 8GB edition.

There were no specific reasons stated by the Apple for stopping the 5C production, but it is a common thing for the Apple to discontinue the older models by launching the new models. The iPhone 6 was introduced in the September and has got a 4.7 inch display and also the iPhone 6 Plus that has got a 5.5 inch display to attract the iPhone users.

Even though, after the launching of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 5S is still selling at its starting price that was set to $99.

The iPhone 5C didn’t achieve its sales target initially because more customers looked to gravitate to the iPhone 5S. The CIRP (a research firm) survey report about the iPhone sales stated that, “the iPhone 5S scored 59 % of the total iPhone sales recorded during the last quarter of 2013. In contrast, the 5C scored only 27 percent.

The subsidized price of iPhone 5C may look like a budget-conscious in some markets, but the full price of $549 kept this device out of reach for the potential buyers in some emerging markets. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said that “the iPhone 5C was never geared to be a cheap phone”.

According to the stats by the AppleInsider, the iPhone 5C outsold much of the competition all through the final quarter of 2013, together with numerous popular Android phones. During the Apple’s June quarter, the iPhone 5C improved its sales.

In every quarter, the Apple reports its total number of sales, but the company doesn’t break down the sales per device. So, the situation is not clear that how well or how poor the iPhone 5C performed in the market.

As the new iPhone 6 models have a huge demand among the users and the iPhone 5S still a viable phone at the user friendly prices the iPhone 5C doesn’t seem to be in the market in near future.

The New Gif Keyboard: Say Goodbye To Emojis

For all the IOS users, if it was a mess using the same emoji again and again just because the lack of a perfect keyboard to offer the perfect animations to tell someone exactly what you feel, then it is no more a mess because you will soon get the animated GIF keyboard that will allow you to use the perfect animations to express your feelings perfectly in shape of different animations. Until now, the IOS users have used the emoji app because there is no keyboard app available at the Apple store for their devices.

Apple announced the IOS earlier this year and one of the excited features that have made the developers really excited is the IOS 8 Extensions. That means that the developers will now be able to bring the keyboard apps for the IOS devices for the first time in IOS history.

This is just great news for all the IOS users because they were waiting for this kind of application for a very long time, but now, the wait is just about to get over. The users will be allowed to use a keyboard that will contain different animated GIFs by using a PopKey keyboard app.

Even though, iMessage, at present, is already allowing the users to receive and send GIF’s, the company that is responsible for the WorkShopX, PopKey, says that the application includes the process of selecting and sending. The users will be allowed to use a keyboard containing the different animated GIFs. Interestingly, the users can also upload their own animated GIFs along with the hundreds of GIFs those have come with the app.

And more importantly, the app will also be updated consistently according to the latest trends and topics. So, for all the iPhone users, it’s great news and they will have to wait for only a couple of weeks more for this great feature.

Goodbye Emojis – Say Hello To GIF Keyboard

Are you tired from using the same emoji over and over again or from unsuccessfully finding the perfect emoji that describes what you’re trying to tell someone? If you answered yes then you will be pleased to know that animated GIF keyboards will soon be available to iOS.

After Apple announced iOS early this year, one of the features that made developers really excited is iOS 8 Extensions. This signals that developers can now bring keyboard apps to iOS devices for the first time. iOS users have been waiting for this kind of app for the longest time.

While companies are already expected to introduce their keyboard apps to the new iOS, a new keyboard app was revealed – something that a lot of iPhone users used to think was just an impossible dream.

A PopKey keyboard app will allow users to use a keyboard that contains different animated GIFs.

Although at present, iMessage already allows users to send and receive GIFs, the company responsible for PopKey, WorkShopX, says the app includes the process of selecting and sending.

In an emoji-style keyboard available in iOS, PopKey is comprised of different themed categories – each one contains dozens of GIFs. Instead of keywords, the GIFs are organized by emotions and reactions. There are sections for different ideas often expressed using GIFs, such as “swag,” “facepalm,” “shocked,” and “LOL.”

Users can also upload their own animated GIFs to the app apart from the hundreds of GIFs that come with the app. In addition, the app will also be updated based on topics that are currently trending around the web.

According to Adrian Salamunovic, WorkShopX’s cofounder, the app is being updated every hour so that new categories will be created for users to use right away should a trending event happens.

The app will be available in the next few weeks with the iOS 8 is to be released on Sept. 17. The exact time on when the app will be launched will depend on the approval process of Apple.

Salamunovic also said that the app is going to be free but they are also bringing premium upgrades in the app’s future versions that might require in-app purchases.

The company released a short video for PopKey and the app is self-explanatory. To use the app, you need to download it from the app store. You can then choose the keyboard by tapping the world icon found at the bottom left of the keyboard – the same action you use for emoji keyboard. From there, you can choose from a variety of GIFs to better express yourself in a conversation.

GIFs have become one of the most sough-after features in the web and internet users just can’t get enough of them. How would it feel that your favorite GIFs will be available in an app and that you can pick one to send that aptly describes your emotion at the moment?

Fortunately, iPhone users only have to wait for a couple of weeks to take advantage of this wonderful feature.

Apple Hopes To Lead Mobile Payments With Apple Pay

Tech experts have long since predicted a world where people will pay for retail products with just a few clicks on their smartphone or simply by waving their smartphones. Apple, in its latest product launch, just announced that it’s not only possible to do that but it is, in fact, rolling out that service on their new devices, which were also introduced during the event.

Using the new iPhones and Apple’s smartwatch, users will be able to purchase goods from different retailers – from boutiques to supermarkets to restaurants. The company has teamed up with major credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

The service, called Apple Pay, is the company’s own version of mobile wallet, which Forrester Research predicts to reach $100 billion over the next five years in the U.S., however, it will remain to be seen if consumers are willing and ready to start paying using a digital device.

With the use of an NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna planted on the device, users just have to wave or put their device near a reader and place their finger on the fingerprint sensor, the Touch ID. This method is different from what previous companies, which attempted to introduce mobile payments before Apple, use.

Apple said that it will not store users’ credit card information on its servers or on the devices, hoping that these promises, including security, are enough to convince consumers that Apple Pay is safer to use than a credit card.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, too. Retailers are hoping to change their form of transaction from their current payment infrastructure to a safer chip mode of transaction before next year ends. If Apple Pay did manage to catch on with consumers, retailers will be encouraged to use hardware needed for mobile transactions – one of the hindrances to the growth of paying using phones.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said that the service will only be available on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as on the Apple Watch, which will be available in 2015.

If Apple Pay becomes a success, meaning consumers start using their smartphones and devices to purchase goods, it could make other companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon to also come out with the same payment system and make similar deals with credit card companies and retailers, broadening the use of mobile payments.

Several other companies have already tried to make mobile payments possible before but none of them was able to really connect with consumers. Visa’s chief executive, Charles W. Scharf, is hoping that their security and the experience of Apple payment will be the answer to the long hurdle of mobile wallets.

According to Apple, when you buy an item using Apple Pay, it does not know the price of the item, what it is, or where you bought it. The transaction is going to be just between the buyer, the retailer, and the bank. It also added that the cashier won’t see any information such as the consumer’s name and credit card number.

Reasons To Love And Buy The New iPhone 6

Apple unveiled the latest iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, last Tuesday. The smartphones will be on sale on September 19. If you’re planning to buy a new phone and still can’t decide if you’ve had enough with Apple’s offerings or if you’re just waiting for an excuse to love iPhone 6, here are reasons that could make you want to order the new iPhone on September 12.

Loved the original iPhone?

If you’re feeling nostalgic about the original iPhone, the one that was first released in 2007 (not too long ago, if you think about it), both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are built like the original frame – with a half-curved edge. The new iPhones are designed as continuous and seamless, in that the cover glass meets the back without any difference.

According to Apple, with iPhone 6’s thickness of 0.27 inches and iPhone 6 Plus’ thickness of 0.28, these two phones are the thinnest iPhones to date. iPhone 5S is just slightly thicker at 0.30 inches, as if people really do mind those hundredths of an inch.

Faster Processors

The new iPhones are powered by the A8 chip with has 2 billion transistors and Apple’s second generation 64-bit offering. This makes the phones some of the fastest smartphones today that process power up to 25% and has 50% faster graphics.

Battery Life Slightly Improved

With larger battery, iPhone 6 Plus can do 80 hours of audio, that’s 20 more hours than iPhone 6’s 60 and 30 more than iPhone 5S’ 50. It can also do up to 14hour-worth of videos (3 hours more than iPhone 6 and 4 hours more than 5S. It’s also significantly better than iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S in terms of talk time, standby, and when browsing over 3G, LTE, and WiFi.

Paying for Items Using Your Phone

Apple also launched Apple Pay, its own payment system for mobile. You no longer have to bring cash or credit cards the next time you visit a store. The company paired the phones’ NFC antenna with its Touch ID fingerprint sensor. When purchasing an item, you just have to hold your phone over a sensor and finger the Touch ID button to complete the transaction. This service is supported by American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, according to Apple.

Plenty of Storage

Older iPhones have different storages from 16GB to 32GB and to 64GB. The new iPhones will jump from 16GB to 64GB and then 128GB. Recent iPhones and the new ones have a $100 price interval but with the new iPhones, you’ll be getting an extra 32GB from the midrange model for the same comparative price, and extra 64GB from the high-end model.

There are more reasons to love the new iPhones such as its higher-resolution displays, unique landscape view for the iPhone 6 Plus that adds more functionalities, and more new tech tweaks like to the cameras where M8 motion coprocessor is used, and an option to make WiFi calls when your phone’s signal is weak.