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No Longer Heavy; Dell Note Book And Tablet Taking Attention Of People!

In New York, seductive is not a word that can be used commonly when you think about the Dell Company. But the descriptors prefer to use it when it comes to new Dell XPS 13 notebook that came in front of the public in the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

Dell separately displayed a new tablet that is really attractive and it is claiming to be the world’s thinnest Smartphone with OLED display of 8.4 inches and is quite alluring. It seems like that its perfection challenged to master in perfection with Intel camera. Its camera results let you examine the depth hidden in the photo.

Dell has created a thin, lightest weight and beautifully crafted device that is designed to follow the recent path of the XPS series. It managed to create an ultra book with a display screen of almost 13 inches that is more than the typical display screens of 11 inches.

Dell repeated this progress by shortening the bezel framing even more. It is almost 0.2 inches and is not much noticeable by the people. The real XPS 13 is measured almost 12.4 inches in width and its depth is 8 inches. The latest model is of almost 12 inches and 7.88 deep.

Its cover which is made of carbon and aluminum is really makes the feeling of a system with the Corning’s Protective Gorilla Glass technology. You can say the same way for the solid structure, and is comfortable to be typed.

Dell is having battery of almost 15 hours. Its brightness of screen was set on 40%and the wireless connection was on. A high test was done in this way and brightness increased all the way up and Netflix stream on regularly. The battery was working for almost 6 hours and the scenario could be whole day when you are using it commonly.

The photography opens all the depth of the picture even if it is taken in an awkward situation. Its results are perfect even in low light. In the editing features, just like the one in Lytro cameras, this let you change the focus in a photo. You can also change the blurring effects when you drag the slider on the display screen.

You can manage length by drawing a line between two points in a photo you can also make a four footage by tapping on the screen. Besides facing number of difficulties Dell is continuously providing its new designs in the market.

One Day A Robot Will Be Your Chef!

In our each day of life we make many automatic things then why not cooking? This is the main goal of Sereneti. The first step for this purpose is first step is making Of Cooki that is an automatic cooking Machine that the firm is creating as a Keurig for food.

A user of the robot can select the recipe from the food application that is joined to it and the remaining task is of the robot. The recipe ingredients are added by the robot that cooks and stirs, turns and mix, or it uses its robotic arms used for the processing. There is a pan with the Cooki that is used for the cooking by the robot and sets it according to the temperature.

The New Year in the consumers electronics show for the first time this robot came in front of people. The president of Sereneti used the application so that he can order the unit to make noodles for serving. The robot went through different steps of cooking, adding, mixing, stirring, adding base then stirring more etc.

The demo of this robot used a fairly quick and simple recipe, but Chen made Cooki to be able to follow all instructions of cooking and directions that it gets from the food application.

There are many useful aspects of having a robot for cooking. Is you are hungry but too lazy to cook, planning of getting takeouts or to use frozen food as a skip, then of course there are disadvantages of all these kinds of foods. At this time the Cooki robot can provide you the best food without any struggle from your side. As Cooki follows the recipes as it is, thats why it also gives the best food.

Serenti has a lot of experimentation to do before this cooking robot will come in front of public. The first step of this robot will be having the basics but gradually Chen is having bigger plans for the future.

Intel Assures Assortment By 2020; Invested 300 Million Dollars!

Intel has made an amazing goal of adding the assortment of it in America workforce by 2020.It is also assuring a fund of 300 million dollars for hiring and retention of females and the minorities, at this time in variety by a technology firm.

The CEO of the Intel Company whose name is Briaun Krzanich did the declaration during his keynote speech at the show of the international consumer electronics in Las Vegas.

He gave a comment that he was saying a single word that could change the industry of the technology for the betterment of us.

He said that now is the time to take steps up and do more for our own good. It may not be good enough for us to say that we value variety of products.

Intel will keep its aim for its own U.S now. The force of work at all levels to get a look at the talent that is found in USA in the future five years. Briaun said the compensation of the head of Intel would be connected directly to the progress for reaching their desired goal.

This is merely not only a great business but in fact it is the best thing to do, say the CEO of the firm. He is the CEO of one of selected firms to claim its leadership on the increasing variety.

During the time of delivering the main notes Jessie Jackson was sitting in the front row of the seats and appreciated the announcement of Intel.

During an interview Jackson gave his remarks about Intel Company that it is taking big steps to close the gaps that are some kind of loss in the technology. It is going to be a big first step.

In order to sign on the parity promise he called the other technology based companies so that they can make similar investments in increasing the number.

The announcement of Intel come as the Silicon Valley fights with its assortment problems. The companies here in USA are having a big some of people that are white and Asians as well as they are trying to get the attention of the users. The white people will become a minority by 2044 and the black American will be ahead in terms of leading of technology.

The data was released by the top companies showing that they underemployment on a big sum including the African Americans as well as the Hispanic people that are moving ahead the Corporate of USA. These groups almost make the 5%of the firms forces of work that is compared with 14% of the nationality.

Jackson has been pushing the firms to put up their main goals and the tables made for time balance for recruiting and managing the minorities.

Intel informed that it will spend sum of almost 300 million dollars fund to make a pipeline of women and engineers as well as the scientists that are expert in computing department. This community made by them will also help in hiring and making a chain of the women and as well as the under presented minorities. They will also do funding shows to promote the positive representation in the areas related to gaming and other software.

The Ceo Of Samsung Considers Internet Of Thing Of Top List!

The CEO of Samsung electronics and also the president BK Yoon gave the vision of the internet of things that are connected with each other. In it everything starting from our bed to the fridge in kitchen collects and observes the information that helps in improving the life of the consumer who is using it.

According to the report in Las Vegas, one of them is also able to smell. Yoon explained about it later on the Consumers electronic show as the inauguration key point. He was seated with the USA TODAY at the time of speech. The remarks of Yoon were made by using a translator and in order to get a clear view of speech they were edited.

In this New Year this firm will invest almost hundred million dollars in the working of the development community on devices that are connected. It will attract the attention of the developers and those who are in open competition. In this way various manufacturers of the products work together.

According to Yoon for the creation of the internet of things collaboration is required among all the countries to give us communication without barriers that is absolutely essential.

Yoon stated that the new products should be designed by keeping in view the life styles of people and they should not be in need of changing their standards of living. It is a kind of thing that will be naturally accepted by the consumers in their daily life.

The expectations of the people using Samsung as it is promoting the plans about internet of things:

A number of smart TVs and mobiles are being in use for communication. After 2 years in 2017 IoT is planning to get 90% of Samsung hardware and after 5 years it’s going to be 100%.There goal is to create an environment with safety and can give easy hand for the people.

Almost equal to the size of a hand there is a sensor that can be kept under the mattress and if you are laying on the mattress it will do the observance of the sleeping pattern and it will do its work in best possible way. For example when it’s the time for you to wake up, it will turn on the light in automatic process or the light will be turned off when you are totally in deep sleep.

It can also observe your rate of heart beating and if it is not in proper order or the heart beat is fast then it will be connected with the cell phone automatically or set and alarm of emergency. The signal of emergency can also be transmitted directly to the hospital.

Few devices are used for the tracking of scent or movement. Other devices check the heart beat. Recently the Samsung Company is making a product that can identify 20 cents and fragrances of different thing. The IoT is doing lots of new discoveries like conductors, semiconductors and sensors etc.

A company like Samsung can provide not only just devices but can also give us a number of networks that can be used for the benefit of people.

Technology Stock Preview In January!

At the starting of New Year the show of the consumer electronics on International level arrives and it brings the chance of every global technology to come except Apple Company. It gives a chance to the customers to have a look on what digital future is going to give them with science inventions.

But that’s not the gossip going on in the streets; in fact this month is also important in terms of the technology earning. Most important are those companies that are not announcing their latest holiday’s sales.

Below are the technology level reports of top companies starting from the one that is on top in list.

Apple: It is on top of the list. It will report the first quarter of its earning of the crucial shopping season in holidays. During the starting quarter of 2013 almost 51 million iPhone were sold by this company and almost 25 million iPads. Do you think iPhone 6 and 6 plus will go more ahead in this record?

Amazon: This online working forum announced its earning of the fourth quarter. The sales of fire tablet were triple in number. At the same time the firm revealed its now major service which gives us a promise to bring our orders in just limited time.

Google: It was slow this time in terms of growth as compared to others because of its slow processing but the question is, will it be successful to get its previous rank?

Microsoft: People are well aware that what was the ranking of this company’s Surface Pro 3 tablet as well as the Xbox one video game during the time of vacations when the technology reported its second quarter income. Microsoft is having the hope to continue its progressing with level of 31%.

Yahoo: It is also going on top list and progressing well to keep its rank high as usual

After The Sony Attack, Hacking Threats Warning By Fbi! There May Be Some More Coming Up The Way

As the immense attack on Sony which was done last week is still being discussed by the people, FBI has warned the people related to businesses that a new hacking threat is expected to come in businesses in future – FBI official.

The FIA has taken notice of this new threat in businesses and they are warning all the businesses to have a look on their security system to save themselves from suck kind of threats that we have seen and is still under discussion about Sony pictures.

The systems of Sony were affected by a dangerous software which was a kind of threat and that was the reason to concern about the security measures of all other businesses as well and take precautionary measures to avoid it.

According to an official notification “the threat was considered to be the same as one which was seen in Sony Pictures last week and which was the cause of dangerous software, and the recent threat is similar to the one which is caused by this harmful software.”

The FBI informed that the private industries were getting warnings and advises regularly about many cyber threats which were found during the investigation of FBI.

That means that the companies were getting continuous warnings and advices from FBI that there might be a chance of a cyber attack. And finally, it was Sony Pictures, who became the victim of the cyber threat.

There were few movies which were not released yet made their way online on illicit websites which were not authorized to host, it was done last week and the hackers did this by that harmful software and same kind of threat is expected in the businesses by the hackers-FBI officials.

Stop Reporting The Sony’s Material Stolen By The Hackers: Says The Sony Lawyer To The Reporters!

The Sony Picture is trying to recover from the shocking cyber attack and they are asking the news organizations to stop examining and to stop broadcasting the company secrets those have been made public by the hackers.

This Sunday – According to the Attorney David Boies, “The tactics f the hackers are a part of the ongoing campaign clearly looking to put a stop to the distribution of a motion picture by the Sony.

According to the Boies, “the suspect is threatening the employees of the SPE”. The David Boies also explained that the hackers are using distribution of the both company information and the private information in order to harm the Sony Pictures Entertainment to push them to withdraw from the distribution of the motion picture.

The way the Attorney David Boies was speaking to the media, it was quite clear that the Sony pictures is in effect and they are being blackmailed by unidentified hacker in order to stop the upcoming movie “The Interview” that is about to release soon.

Until now, Sony picture did not said it publically and has not blamed any particular group or the party that they are behind that devastating cyber attack that happened the last November.

According to the cyber security experts, there might be the North Korea as a likely source of attack behind that devastating cyber attack on the SPE the past November. The reason may be that the Korean regime has already condemned the comedy movie “The Interview” starring the James Franco and Seth Rogen because the story is involving the attempted Kim Jong-Un’s assassination.

A three page letter was dispatched to the legal offices of the number of news organizations in which the Attorney David Boies said that SPE do not allow you to review, disseminate, copy, publicize, download, upload or to make any other use of the stolen material.

In addition, the Attorney David Boies said that he is requesting for your cooperation in order to destroy the materials as well. If the news organization will use or disseminate the information, then the Sony Pictures will not have any other choice rather than holding you the responsible – Attorney David Boies said.

A number of the newspaper organization including the small and the big are reporting the disclosures of the document dump.

“Basically, we have done their bid. According to the Andrew Wallenstein, who is the Variety co-editor in chief said the reliable source on the Sunday. He said that we have made the most of this content and I have not done it lightly.

But still, it was expected to be there anyway, and we ought t be a part of that conversation – the Wallenstein said while defending the decision to publish the excerpts from documents.

There are many news organizations who have received that three-page document from the Sony Pictures and according to the spokesman of the Sony, “the studio has no comment regarding the legal action”.

The Flud: Answers To Your Useful Tech Questions!


We have been receiving many tech questions from our users on our social official pages and the online portal and they are asking us what devices are hot under the radar and what devices they should use. We are also getting the tech questions like, how to make the things work and they are asking us about our suggestions and recommendations.

Today, we have decided to answer such tech questions asked most frequently by our readers and we will answer them to the best of our experience and knowledge.

As we know that the people have their hands on the exciting gifts that they have received from their loved ones and many of them are facing some difficulties or the troubles on some tech issues. We have weighed up the questions and have decided to answer the most frequently asked tech questions below.

Hi, I have been there at The Flud regularly and I am here to ask you a question that I have been finding the best answer for and I would like to know that which type of the camera and the computer should I purchase?

Some other questions seeking answers for the questions like:

-Spending a $100 amount for the HDMI cable makes sense or not?

-How much speedy my memory card ought to be?

– If I have an external hard disk, then why it should not be working with the Mac and the Windows computers?

-What should I need to do with my older Smartphone after getting a new Smartphone as a gift?

In our different categories, we had a discussion over the cameras and we talked about the Kodak emerging again in the tech industry and we also discussed on how to digitalize the old photos in our conversation.

Recently, we had the discussion on the Windows 10 and some of its brand new features and we also discussed in detail what you can do with your old Smartphone or the other gadgets if you have got a new Smartphone or the device as a new gift.

All the suggestions and the recommendations were based on our year’s analysis and the responses that the different gadgets have get in the year 2014. We have covered the whole year’s tech developments and performances and based on such facts, we have answered all such questions in shape of the news and reviews from the team “The Flud”.

We wish you a very Happy New Year!

Kodak: Coming Back To The Store Shelves!

The customers/consumers will be going to see the range of different products by the Kodak!

According to the reports – The brand is now planning to introduce the technology and the equipment related to the printing and soon you will be witnessing the whole range of the printing products in the store shelves.

The Ronald Pace who is the sr. vice president of the business & development and the operations at the video monitoring technology organization Seedonk Inc. A deal has been signed in agreement between the company and the Kodak brand and you will be witnessing the Kodak’s Baby Monitoring System in the early 2015.

Have you remembered the Kodak’s 35 millimeter film? The brand stopped producing the digital cameras in the year of 2012 for which the brand has got the enormous success and fame in the world. The reason of stopping the production of the digital cameras appeared to be the bankruptcy. In 2013, a line of the Kodak camera and the photo accessories were launched.

For the Kodak, the licensing seems like a big business. In the latest fiscal quarter, the licensing of the brands and the intellectual property management added almost $51 million to the total earnings before the certain expenses.

Although, it conventionally have preferred the one time upfront payment when signing such kind of licensing deal. According to the          Jeff Clarke (the Chief Executive) – The company seems like focusing more on the revenue generating deals and they must be expecting the more and more licensing deals and agreements.

There are so many products that we can see under the Kodak’s brand name and it will be seen soon on the store shelves.

Next year at the ICES (International Consumer Electronics Show), there will be licensing arrangements that will be on the display and it will be very interesting indeed.

According to the Pace – there are a number of the gadgets making noise and popping up left and right. The key point that the people or the consumers will be looking for will definitely be the “Trust” and it is very difficult to build a brand right from the scratch and t get that trust.

Promotions will be needed and they will need to invest the millions of the dollars for that purpose. So, the time will reveal that what quality the brand will be offering and how much the consumer trust it will get this time.

No Theaters, No VOD For ‘The Interview’

The plug has been pulled out on “The Interview” by Sony!

According to the reports, the release of “The Interview” has been canceled by the studio on every platform. The comedy movie was about to be released on the Christmas Day by the Sony Entertainment.

Sony released a statement on this Wednesday in which the they stated, “Well, a number of the exhibitors have decided to not show the movie “The Interview” and based on it, we have decided to pull the plug of the movie “The Interview.”

The theatrical release was about to be set on the 25th of this December, but they have now decided not to release the movie because of the different exhibitors have decided not to show “The Interview.”

According to a statement from the Sony Entertainment, “we respect & understand the decisions of our partners and of course, we are going to share completely the supreme interest in the protection of the employees and the theater-goers.”

According to the speculations of a few industry insiders, “The movie may be released by the Sony in a video-on-demand format, although according to the Sony, “there isn’t any sort of plan to release “The Interview” in any kind of format.

According to an executive editor of the Hollywood, Matthew Belloni, “I guess the Sony just wanted to wash their hands from it.”

The Hollywood pushed back right away. The U.S succumbed to an extraordinary attack on the most esteemed, solid rock principal of the free speech by the group of the North Korean terrorists who have threatened to slay the moviegoers just to stop the movie from its release.

The Sony have decided not to show/release “The Interview after the 5 most important theater chains that includes Regal Entertainment and the AMC Entertainment’s announcement in which they said that they are not going to screen the film “The Interview.”

Because of the irresolute support of the movie “The Interview” by the Sony Pictures, also the unclear nature of the any real or the perceived threats, the Regal Entertainment Group has decided that they should delay the opening of the movie “The Interview” in their theaters – according to a statement.

That all began on the night of Tuesday, when the Carmike, that is the 4th biggest cinema chain of the country has decided to call off the planned opening of the movie “The Interview.”

So, the Sony had not at all decided just because they are not in a position to call off the release of the movie “The Interview”. The fact is that there are many exhibitors behind this decision as they are not feeling safe to show the controversial comedy movie “The Interview.”

So, it seems and clear enough that there are the certain threats for the exhibitors from the North Korean terrorists about the release of the comedy movie “The Interview” that has stopped them to show the controversial movie on the screens and that is the main reason behind the Sony’s decision.