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Instagram Used By 300 Million Users Monthly!

After getting on top level with 200 million users monthly, the app for sharing of pictures Instagram got the rank of milestone that is 300 users are monthly using this application.

Out of 300 million users that are using Instagram 65% are those people who live out of US in some other countries. Almost by taking average we can say that almost 70 million pictures are shared by the users on Instagram each day that were 60 million last year.

This rank made Instagram a leading figure among the network of apps on social level. In the estimation of October there were almost 284 million actively participating users.

The CEO of Instagram gave his views in a report that they are excited to see this community get to its peak and witness the great series of links that people create of the passion that is shared of their journey in different area.

One sixth of the people that are the user of Smartphones almost 52.3 million people use Instagram. Out of all these people almost 80% are of the ages from 12 to 35.

According to Systrom he wants Instagram on the level of authentication so that the services will be inaugurated in the future for the people who are either athletes or celebrities. But is not yet clear the verified status can be qualified by the users.

This service finding the fake and the accounts which are spam and are trying to delete them from the Instagram permanently.

The application of Instagram was introduced in front of the people 5 years before in 2010 and the people use it in order to share pictures that are often with special filters. It was launched last year for the applications in mobile phones and smart devices.

A new application Hyperlapse was introduced by Instagram. The function on that app is to let you make the lapsed movies.

Two years before social networking app Facebook got Instagram for 1 billion dollars and sort out ways to share pictures service through it on Facebook. Last year Instagram started its advertisement and its base of almost 300 million users is very charming for the marketers.

The advertisement business of Instagram is very slow yet and it needs a bit of effort to grow in the marketing areas. For this purpose they are working on it.

The Cover Of The Smartphone Is 3x Stronger Than Steel!

This device is awesome. It is almost 50 times stronger than plastic, almost 10 times stronger than aluminum and 3 times harder than steel.

This new cover of mobile is very light in weight? Thin and hard at the same time. But the thing is that you are not able to buy one yet.

A professor of mechanical engineering whose name is Jan Schroer and is doing his duties at Yale University, made the technology for the problems in his laboratory and he is struggling to make the arrival of his device in the department of a mass productivity.

For many years the academic institutions have made a useful technique for the shaping of the metal glasses which is an effective material for the new generation.

The casing of the electronics is quite in demand by the people but yet they were not successful in shaping a perfect one.

Schroers spent most of the time is past century in trying different means for the shaping of the complex geometrical structure. The used a different super freeze material apart from melting the BMG substances and forcing them to melt on high temperature. By this process BMG material turns into soft form and easily changes its shape.

With the help of this method Schroers do forming of thermoplastic. BMGs are changed in a plastic shape and as a result it does not take large amounts of energy.

From that point they focus on the production of the BMG sheets, that is the most useful in experimentation for applications.

By observing the results of his technical method he introduced his own company Super Cool Metals and owned by the Yales University.

Till now he focused of the production of things on small scale but like watches and sensors, the next level was now cases of Smartphones and it was something challenging for him.

He and his team members are producing the cases by heating the BMG sheets and now on next step they are making advance step of creating waterproof Smartphones.

Intel Assures Assortment By 2020; Invested 300 Million Dollars!

Intel has made an amazing goal of adding the assortment of it in America workforce by 2020.It is also assuring a fund of 300 million dollars for hiring and retention of females and the minorities, at this time in variety by a technology firm.

The CEO of the Intel Company whose name is Briaun Krzanich did the declaration during his keynote speech at the show of the international consumer electronics in Las Vegas.

He gave a comment that he was saying a single word that could change the industry of the technology for the betterment of us.

He said that now is the time to take steps up and do more for our own good. It may not be good enough for us to say that we value variety of products.

Intel will keep its aim for its own U.S now. The force of work at all levels to get a look at the talent that is found in USA in the future five years. Briaun said the compensation of the head of Intel would be connected directly to the progress for reaching their desired goal.

This is merely not only a great business but in fact it is the best thing to do, say the CEO of the firm. He is the CEO of one of selected firms to claim its leadership on the increasing variety.

During the time of delivering the main notes Jessie Jackson was sitting in the front row of the seats and appreciated the announcement of Intel.

During an interview Jackson gave his remarks about Intel Company that it is taking big steps to close the gaps that are some kind of loss in the technology. It is going to be a big first step.

In order to sign on the parity promise he called the other technology based companies so that they can make similar investments in increasing the number.

The announcement of Intel come as the Silicon Valley fights with its assortment problems. The companies here in USA are having a big some of people that are white and Asians as well as they are trying to get the attention of the users. The white people will become a minority by 2044 and the black American will be ahead in terms of leading of technology.

The data was released by the top companies showing that they underemployment on a big sum including the African Americans as well as the Hispanic people that are moving ahead the Corporate of USA. These groups almost make the 5%of the firms forces of work that is compared with 14% of the nationality.

Jackson has been pushing the firms to put up their main goals and the tables made for time balance for recruiting and managing the minorities.

Intel informed that it will spend sum of almost 300 million dollars fund to make a pipeline of women and engineers as well as the scientists that are expert in computing department. This community made by them will also help in hiring and making a chain of the women and as well as the under presented minorities. They will also do funding shows to promote the positive representation in the areas related to gaming and other software.

The Ceo Of Samsung Considers Internet Of Thing Of Top List!

The CEO of Samsung electronics and also the president BK Yoon gave the vision of the internet of things that are connected with each other. In it everything starting from our bed to the fridge in kitchen collects and observes the information that helps in improving the life of the consumer who is using it.

According to the report in Las Vegas, one of them is also able to smell. Yoon explained about it later on the Consumers electronic show as the inauguration key point. He was seated with the USA TODAY at the time of speech. The remarks of Yoon were made by using a translator and in order to get a clear view of speech they were edited.

In this New Year this firm will invest almost hundred million dollars in the working of the development community on devices that are connected. It will attract the attention of the developers and those who are in open competition. In this way various manufacturers of the products work together.

According to Yoon for the creation of the internet of things collaboration is required among all the countries to give us communication without barriers that is absolutely essential.

Yoon stated that the new products should be designed by keeping in view the life styles of people and they should not be in need of changing their standards of living. It is a kind of thing that will be naturally accepted by the consumers in their daily life.

The expectations of the people using Samsung as it is promoting the plans about internet of things:

A number of smart TVs and mobiles are being in use for communication. After 2 years in 2017 IoT is planning to get 90% of Samsung hardware and after 5 years it’s going to be 100%.There goal is to create an environment with safety and can give easy hand for the people.

Almost equal to the size of a hand there is a sensor that can be kept under the mattress and if you are laying on the mattress it will do the observance of the sleeping pattern and it will do its work in best possible way. For example when it’s the time for you to wake up, it will turn on the light in automatic process or the light will be turned off when you are totally in deep sleep.

It can also observe your rate of heart beating and if it is not in proper order or the heart beat is fast then it will be connected with the cell phone automatically or set and alarm of emergency. The signal of emergency can also be transmitted directly to the hospital.

Few devices are used for the tracking of scent or movement. Other devices check the heart beat. Recently the Samsung Company is making a product that can identify 20 cents and fragrances of different thing. The IoT is doing lots of new discoveries like conductors, semiconductors and sensors etc.

A company like Samsung can provide not only just devices but can also give us a number of networks that can be used for the benefit of people.

The Pocket Pc Is About To Make Its Return: Ces 2015

(Las Vegas)

The pocket PCs are about to return in the market. Although they are not the forgotten systems in the market but now they are changed for the users into portable windows working stations and for the professional use as well.

A company in Las Angles started “The Hive” and started the introduction of its new Smartphones, which is equal to the size of personal computers and were displayed at the show of the electronics. These pocket devices are completely based on windows setup and thus are equal to the size of mobile. Its thickness is just a bit more thick and rectangular in shape almost 3 by 5.

The pocket PCs will come in different ranges to meet the requirements of the people in different areas and professions. It will boast the power of technology in different fields.

Many portable devices are similar to the desktop PCs that are not having a display but they can be connected with the standard systems display. The Amplicity curved 4K monitors and keyboards are the productions of Hive.

It is also planned that for the connectivity of people, displays of Kiosk will be setup in the gathering areas, malls, cafe etc.

A taste of smart devices and portable system is given to the people with the help of Smartphones but they need more in this field and more productive tools are required. Robb who is the co-founder of the firm says that these PCs can serve the next generation as well by multitasking and can be connected to many other devices.

Amplicity is definitely going to attain some attention because Fujioka and the others that are left behind The Hive have received technology successes on their behalf.

Robb and his fellow co-founder John Hui also are also part of Fuhu that is famous for making tablets especially for children.

John Hui advanced the economical PC movement as the principal founder of eMachines, which back in 1998 made PCs available for less than $400.

The company is discussing a deal with Microsoft from many years related to the windows 10 and windows CE systems. Microsoft office is also included in it. Discussions related to them are going on which is also including the software of productivity from many firms like Adobe and Corel.

Technology Stock Preview In January!

At the starting of New Year the show of the consumer electronics on International level arrives and it brings the chance of every global technology to come except Apple Company. It gives a chance to the customers to have a look on what digital future is going to give them with science inventions.

But that’s not the gossip going on in the streets; in fact this month is also important in terms of the technology earning. Most important are those companies that are not announcing their latest holiday’s sales.

Below are the technology level reports of top companies starting from the one that is on top in list.

Apple: It is on top of the list. It will report the first quarter of its earning of the crucial shopping season in holidays. During the starting quarter of 2013 almost 51 million iPhone were sold by this company and almost 25 million iPads. Do you think iPhone 6 and 6 plus will go more ahead in this record?

Amazon: This online working forum announced its earning of the fourth quarter. The sales of fire tablet were triple in number. At the same time the firm revealed its now major service which gives us a promise to bring our orders in just limited time.

Google: It was slow this time in terms of growth as compared to others because of its slow processing but the question is, will it be successful to get its previous rank?

Microsoft: People are well aware that what was the ranking of this company’s Surface Pro 3 tablet as well as the Xbox one video game during the time of vacations when the technology reported its second quarter income. Microsoft is having the hope to continue its progressing with level of 31%.

Yahoo: It is also going on top list and progressing well to keep its rank high as usual

The Year Of Wearable Products, 2015!

In this fast world of connecting products, this New Year will become the year labeled as the year of health care. You will come to know that with a variety of different new applications and products in the Consumers show for the electronics in well known Las Vegas took place.

At first moment it seems difficult to think both of them wearable’s and the term for ‘healthcare ‘to be taken at one place but of course it cannot be accepted without their big display in a bright and shiny show case.

But no need to be mistaken, the difference is clearly visible to the people who are the experts in industry, because they are well aware from the fact that all these devices are having the ability to be used in fitness in the future time, and that time will be good as the people from medical professions are well aware that all these applications and devices can be helpful for them in using at the time of need in the healthcare department for a person born in the years following the Second World War, when there was a temporary marked increase in the birth rate.

That’s a big problem. Take it as:

  • There are almost 78 million such people; we can say that it is roughly fourth of the population of USA.
  • The first of them will be the age of 70 years next year in 2016.

A lawyer of the health and care problems whose name is Jefrey Baaired told a group of sensor industry staff last year that the bodies start to lose their composure at the age of 70 years and according to him all these people will live for 85 years.

In USA average life expectancy is 78 years and according to him that it’s not acceptable to have 78 million people at one time.

Now the industries have to do the changes from fitness programs to healthcare plans. The work is to use the wearable products and devices by the physicians for the benefit of people and to make a good decision of taking care of their patients. Although all these precautions are put in to action and the wearable devices are used to get some vital signs but the requirements of all people are not similar.

The information gathered should be to the point and exact. It should also be kept personal and hidden, merely in use of the health care program. Some difficulties also come in it but we have to sort it out.

A fitness tracker is made by the Samsung Company that is quite in demand in the market and is known as digital health care initiative. The fund of 50 million dollars was spent on this discovery.

An Apple health tracker will soon come in the market, which is connected with the scales, trackers for all kind of activities and even blood pressure.

Very soon the time is about to come when the fitness wearable are not only going to be seen in sports but also pharmaceutical companies shelves and your doctor as well as your personal trainer is going to be aware of it.


Drones Attack, Review Of Ces 2015


The annually technology festival which is also called as Consumer Electronic program got the attention of the people of Las Vegas getting the attention of almost 160,000 and above people and 3500 people who were waiting to have a look on discovery of technology, not this year but may be in the years ahead.

The consumer electronics industry is working on a project to attain $211.3 billion in the previous year, up 2% from 2013 according to the consumer electronic program.

CES highlights of US news:

According to FAA drones are the devices which are made of metal rods and can be just used personally. But is not stopping the photographers and property dealers from using these devices.

According to Richard Doherty who is an analyst said “hundreds of drones will be seen at CES”

The technology system that’s similar to the one that is being used in advanced Smartphones — small size chips and sensors — are used in drones to make the easy to use, more cheap in rates and easy to use. Getting all the criticism of the world is not easy and simple thing. Drones are the flying gadgets and we have to learn its use before actually using it.

But according to the manufacturers point of view these new drones are easy to use. Xiong who watch the surfers, skating groups and even the people who are skiers that they are keeping their drones with then when they are enjoying sports.

Most of the Drones work by connecting with a tiny GoPro camera which liked by a number of people who are sports lover. According to Doherty he hopes that GoPro and CES will be together and they will soon come their own one drone that will be having built in camera and he said that GoPro will become the top list drone in 3 months.

Scan Your Photos Now, Project Of New Year!!

Talking Technology:

According to IRVINE-Now is the time in the New Year to at last start doing the projects that were being ignored from a long time? It’s the time now to take your pictures by digital processing and then getting them. Till now scanning is considered to be the quickest mean of getting the pictures and is also affordable for people.

Many of the people must be thinking, there are still some people who use scanner despite of having modern means of taking photos.

That’s what I was also thinking, as I started to take out more old time’s picture out of my cupboard to do something on the New Year. I had a big box full of such photos and I took them downstairs to scan all these photos on a website, which we use to just scan the pictures, negatives and make slides of pictures for the people.

On this website millions of photos are converted into digital pictures over the last 5 years which may not be considered too much according to the president of the firm Goldstein who said, “Still there are almost million of the analog pictures which are being used by the generation and it is a huge sum.”

The way of scanning the old photos which can be suitable for economy as well as affordable for people is that they buy a scanner and sale each print for almost 100 dollars that comes from scanned picture these days. But there is a problem that the process of scanning is too slow. Firstly you have to put the picture in scanner, and then press the button of scan on the system, after that save that file and at last start again.

Most of the local offices use either Sony or Kiosk in their shops which can help you in scanning almost 100 photos at a single time on a CD for just only 5 dollars. Though the price is quite affordable but it takes time in scanning and you have to stand and wait over the kiosk.

You can download an application in you smart device and can also scan you picture by it but we can lean on such a small app for the pictures that are too much worthy for us, as they hold our memories.

The best way is to make a second copy of all the pictures and save the on any CD or in USB, give it to your friend or keep it in a safe closet.

Though in previous year many hacking threats were seen and reported by the people, still they prefer to keep their pictures online and as precaution are quite satisfied by it that their pictures are at the distance of one click.

There are many devices that are reliable for the storage of our pictures and documents and are available with different capacities. It is really a priceless moment when all those pictured come in front of us and it cannot be explained in words. It seems like all those moments was just time of yesterday.

Apple Iphone 6 Or The Iphone 6 Plus! Which One Is The Winner Of Race?

According to a mobile advertisement company estimation the iPhone 6 scored 80 percent of the total number of the iPhone which are being used all over the world and the remaining shares were obtained by the iPhone 6 plus.

The screen of iPhone 6 is having display range of 4.7.0 inches and is prominently made to lead the iPhone 6 Plus which has the display size of 5.5 inches with a great difference. According to an App, the difference in use and the interaction between iPhone 6 and iphone 6 Plus are the points which can be ignored easily.

It is quite well to take an average that out of 5 new sold iPhones one is iPhone 6 Plus.
The iPhones for which the people were waiting anxiously were introduced on the 9th of September, getting the excitement from people around the whole world.

On the first week of the opening of these iPhones, almost 10 million iPhones were sold that was more than the previous year sales by the Apple.

The advertising companies go through almost 25 billion ad requests everyday and have a look at the high data volume to take the estimation.

The people of the Western countries feel more satisfaction with the medium size display phones and they also like to buy phones with mid-size screen display. As compared to Western people Asians are more interested in buying bigger size screen when it comes to their choice of mobiles and tablets .Hence choices of people is different in Western countries and Asian countries.

Almost 35 percent of the overall new iPhones are used in the China, Vietnam, Philippines and the Japan and it means that below average people are using it in these countries.

According to an App, “no one ever expected that the iPhone 6 plus will be more in demand than the iPhone 6 that is in sales, but its use was much more less than the expectations – especially in the those areas where the Phaplets were already quite in demand.

Smartphones and tablets ranges from 5.5 inches to 7.0 inches and they are becoming famous among the people just because of their dual functions of smartphone as well as a tablet.

Therefore, this is the reason of the popularity of big display mobile/smartphones. There is a demand of the tablets, the smartphones and PCs, among the people of USA and other Western European countries so that they can use them according to their need. They don’t care about the size but they just want all the functions in one device to utilize.

The people US are in the favor of carrying single device with all the facilities as compared to many different smart devices. According to Apple iPhone 6 with thickness of 0.26 inches and iPhone 6 Plus whose thickness is 0.27, these two smartphones are the thinnest iPhones of the present time. Both the smartphones are having high processors so that you can enjoy them.